#17 James Stewart - till 2020


I’m not sure about the stutter step. IMO he loses a lot of his momentum but I guess if he’s kicking straight, who gives a fk how many stutter steps he has?


Smacks gone past him. That miss tonight was unforgivable. Goes out when Joeys fit


Next week we need to play Hooker or Hurley at Full forward against Rance and drag him deep forward.
If Rance goes to Mckernan or Stewart we are in trouble.


Still some very good work leading hard and wide to provide an outlet contest.
Didn’t get the goals but a very different player to Smack, Daniher, Hooker. And vital to our forward combination


Did you find it again?


very important for our structure leads up the ground and opens it up for stirnger/smack


Was playing better when he was relief ruck.


I think I understand the stutter step. It is a fear of pulling the ball across his body to the left. He actually is trying to turn his left side towards the target.
Unfortunately, he has now added a bit that I don’t remember seeing last year. He is now running out to the right, and hooking the ball a bit more as a result.
The combo is just getting a bit too convoluted, I think.
It is all in his head, but he is a good kick, a beautiful field kick, and just needs the practice, and the confidence that comes from it.


Christ are you serious? Smack had his two good games, and was more invisible than Stewart was last night, who had put in a good, consistent 8 rounds of footy. Legit his first poor poor game for the season and you want to drop him and keep smack in the team??



Stewart is going just fine. There is no key position forward in the comp (with the possible exception of Franklin) who doesn’t have his ups and downs in the modern game, where flooding and loose men back can make being a forward hard work. Stringer the same. He has been competing hard every game since he was put back to being predominantly a forward, with mixed success, usually related to how often and how well the ball has come in.


Settle down


I think he’ll be happy the bye’s almost here.


It’s bizarre, isn’t it?
I mean - just…turn to the farkin right.


Both Stewart and Smack struggled last night.


Learning to work through dealing with the best defender now that Joe’s out, with the form he showed in the 1st two months of footy. Will be playing for his spot against Smack for when JD is fit, hopefully he has a few big games, was one of our shining lights earlier in the season.


Not a good day for talls. Jimmy Stewart is a keeper


Been in our top few players this year for mine but 2 of his last 3 weeks have been quite. Last night wasn’t a good night for tall forwards because of the slippery ball. Talk of him being dropped is absurd.


Id be inclined to drop Smack for Hurley. Play Hooker and Stewart forward. Hurley to pants Jack. Again.


Jack be nimble.
Jack be quick.
But on this occasion,
Stay out of the game sick.


Smack is the better set shot at the moment, and probably better rucking/pack-crasher, but Stewart is the better field kick, faster, has greater up-side and better below the knees. Good fight.