#17 James Stewart - till 2020


Yep, will be interesting to see if one of them steps up and takes the shot with both hands over the next few weeks, you’d say Smack based on current form



Are you ■■■■■■■ high? Because that’s a terrible ■■■■■■■ idea.


Hurley forward then.


As said on here Hurley on Rance. What a great spectacle that would be. Both read the game so well. Would take me back to the Van der Haar on Knights matchup. Epic.


I would give Laverde the task of beating Rance.

Undersized I know but laverde is very aggressive in the air and at ground level and he might be able to unsettle Rance if he sticks to him.


Laverde is bigger than Melksham and he played on Rance and beat him.
The question is, did Melbourne want that matchup or did Richmond?

What type of player does Richmond prefer to play Rance on?


Laverde and Melksham are similarly aggressive players so I think it could work.

If we let Rance stroll around alone he will cut us up so giving Laverde the task of sticking with him would be a great opportunity.


Stringer is inching towards his best form. Once that happens, he will inevitably start getting the opposition’s #1 defender. At that point I suspect we will start seeing Stewart get off the chain again. Just wish he had a bit more mongrel in him. Sometimes he seems a bit meek - more Alessio than Somerville, if you get my drift…


In the first half, we didn’t seem to be playing any deep marking targets (hence most of the goals were out-the-back rather than mark-and-set-shot). So neither Smack nor Stew were able to lead at the ball.

Then in the second half we must’ve changed our forward setup a bit, and they both came into the game.


Why does this bloke escape criticism? 5 goals in 7 weeks. Has been bog ordinary since the port game


Yep, time he had a rest. Bring Hooker/Hurley forward, elevate Francis.


He’s getting the defenders that would probably be going to Hooker and Joe if we had the same set up as last year. He’s certainly finding the going tougher


Hurley didn’t exactly cover himself in glory when he went forward in the last quarter… and having a backline with half of its members being Hurley Goddard and Francis is likely to annoy some of the fine citizens of Blitz.


FWIW I’d be moving Goddard forward too, switching mid. I think it’s time for Francis to get a run, but fear they might shove him forward when he’s better back. If he comes in someone has to make way. While I’m at it I’d consider shifting McKenna into the midfield in place of Zaka, and giving Redman a run off the half-back line.

Hurley was bog ordinary forward last night, but not much good back either. He’ll come good, but suspect hooker better option forward.


Not sure he’s escaped, … but yeah, … he has been struggling a bit since not having the freedoms of being the 3rd wheel, and currently definitely missing a JD or Hooksey taking some of the defenders’ attention.

Also another that was a really reliable set shot, … but is struggling with it now. Noticed last night he went back to the Brett Lee run up, & I thought, “Here we go”, … but nope, … still pushed right.


Hasn’t been great but our structure is poo.
He is a second or third tall and now he is not only getting the best defender on him but last night he was double teamed all night. The best forward in the comp would have struggled to get a kick with our disposal in there last night.


Gotta get on his bike more, too much trying to clunk marks in packs. His best attribute is his running, not his overhead marking.


For mine he is a better flanker than a KP mid.


If he can’t play in the current structure then he should be in the VFL. Adapt or die


Most definitely. I think he is being asked to do too much. Sit Smack in the goal square and push Stewie up to CHF and let him push up and down the wings