#17 James Stewart - till 2020


Wasn’t the story that Lloydy wanted a sh*tload more money to keep doing the job, the club told him he was dreaming, so he put it on Joe to pay the difference?


Never heard that one, but if Lloyd did that, its a bit scummy.


… i dont think so

either way, someone has to fork out the money for it… surely joe on his massive contract could afford to get someone out twice a week for a few hours to lend him some instruction on his kicking? itd be tax deductible at least.


That’s not correct. Lloyd has offered to help anyone on our list who wants it. No one took up his offer. No idea why.


As much as Lloydy says he doesnt like switching between Media and footy roles when he was helping Joey out…
He loved it when Joey was kicking bags and he was getting some kudos.

Same as when Carey had a chat with jake Carlisle, Carey loved it, these old blokes genuinely love getting done to the club to help out.

And im sure Lloydy would do it just to see Joey be a better player.

You can see our inconsistency and the loss on the weekend hurt Hird on his podcast, and you can be sure it makes Lloyd frustrated too.

Yes i watched footy classified for a few seconds last night, and the witch was crapping on about Cotchin, saying how great he is and that hes in as good form as his Brownlow year and should be in Lloydys rolling 2018 all australlian team…the rest of the panel was silent, and they moved on to discuss something else. All I was thinking was no Witch thats Jobes Brownlow.


Fair enough. I did hear that from somebody who usually knows their stuff, though.

I don’t think he was offering help to anybody who wants it, for free. (And nor should he, btw.)


I thought the story was that Lloyd felt there was a conflict of interest between his media work and the coaching.

He felt he was not able to work for a club (and specific players) during the day and then have to provide (sometimes critical) analysis of that club or player on TV.


That’s pretty much what Lloyd said


Needs to shake off the disappointment of not playing seniors quickly. Had the head dropped a bit on the weekend in the VFL as if it was all getting a bit hard. Looks to me like a confidence player where when he gets going he can hit really nice veins of form but then conversely spiral into ordinariness rather alarmingly too.


I expect its all just part of his learning curve.

He’s still young and inexperienced for a key forward and has much to learn.

Hopefully he sees the remainder of this year to work on certain things and force his way back into the side for good.


Just needs to learn to cope with the kind of attention that comes from being a primary target. VFL on the weekend was great for him like that, had 2 defenders on him.


Yep. And last year in VFL he’d have had Smack there as the main fwd and he was playing 2nd fiddle to.

As Boot notes he doesn’t play like a kpf. And for his size he needs to. Playing 3rd banana to Hooker and JD might not happen again.


He needs to learn to crash packs, he needs to learn to mark much better overhead as opposed to in front, he needs to learn to demand the ball, he needs to learn to skittle people, etc; he has a lot to learn. But we knew that when we got him. He’s a big unit, and has some very nice attributes. We just have to build on that. Which is what we are trying to do now.


Those low bullet passes around the body into the F50 are sublime.
His set shot routine, not so much.

I don’t expect he’ll be playing VFL for too much longer.
He can play.


Stuart could be one hell of a good defender. Speed, height, great running and field kicking.
He’s just crap at contested marking and kicking for goal.


Agree totally.
But we have lots of them.




Him and Smack both benefit from having a number 1 forward playing with them whether that be Daniher or Hooker.


Very good showing on the weekend.

One or two more of them and he should be able to fight his way back into the senior team where he belongs.


Who he comes in for, is a very interesting question.