#17 James Stewart - till 2020


Brown and Smack are making him work very hard for it.

It’s nice to have genuine depth in the team for a change.


Anyone know why he didn’t play?


Not selected?


You’d have to think he’s a fair chance of moving on. If he can’t get a game with Smack & JD out & when we were obviously crying out for a forward target then he has to be thinking his future is elsewhere. I seem to remember a rumour earlier in the year that he was wanting out & it seemed to coincide with his form slump & dropping from the team.


Didn’t play VFL




I’m worried that you’re right. Disappointing because key forwards with his size and attributes don’t come along very often. Could have used him yesterday.


Stewart does have to work his game big time of hes going to into the seniors again next year.

Not agressive enough,and not overly strong over head.


Wanting out after 2 seasons? Can’t imagine anyone is that soft


What about of “didn’t play VFL this weekend either” did you miss in the last 24 hours?


Has all the tools to make it…

as a defender


After what he has gone through and his praise for Essendon giving him his chance I very much doubt he is planning on going anywhere, and the rumours would be bullcrap imo. Players are not like supporters, they don’t mope around much, they focus on what is required and work towards it.


Has his position in the seniors been taken by Brown or Stringer?

He’s definitely not a contested KP forward like McKernan or Joe, he does his best work leading abit further away from the goal square.

Honestly dont know with him, all things equal I probably prefer him over Brown but the form isn’t there.


Does his best work as 3rd tall with JD and (Hooker Brown Smack??) @ CHF.

I can see him coming back in when Joey does, … or o/wise, … after he’s done a fair bit of work on his game.

If he does, … and with another pre season into those shoulders, … he may well wind up holding down CHF himself.


Stewart’s worse games are almost the equal to Brown’s best games when you look at stat’s.


Worsfold disagrees


Hes got the frame and size for it that’s for sure, would have to have the most physically imposing physique of anyone at the club.

Wish he played like it.


Agreed. He put on a shitload of size over the last off season across the chest and shoulders, … if he does similarly this one, he’ll be a fkn Ape!!


Which just strengthens the argument that quite often stats mean fark all. They have pretty much bugga all to do with why he’s playing magoos rather than ones.


If you could teach him to play more like Guelfi, he’d be a champion.

Does anyone think there is any chance Stewart can bridge the Guelf?