#17 James Stewart - till 2020


I reckon it would definitely be worth a try at some point. I’d delist Hartley and pick up a young KPF. Then throw Stewart into the mix of tall defenders


I was being polite.


We did beat Sydney though, and we could have quelled Stratton without bringing Stewart in, and even then we only just lost despite the fact that their veterans played out of the skins and many in our team seemed to be down on their usual standards.


Hmmm was just a bad day all round feels like a 40 point loss to rather than 4 points


Losing to Hawthorn will do that to you


Stewart’s a far better player with much more upside than Brown. We want our team to grow together into a cohesive unit. Stewart is part of our future. Brown is not


We beat Sydney on the back of 33 more inside 50’s. Last week was a free insight into what our forward line needed & we didn’t learn a thing. Stratton did what Aliir did only more often & from less opportunities. Its easy enough to suggest we should have kicked it where he wasn’t or lowered the eyes more often but the reality is sometime you simply need to be able to kick long to a contest & thats what we didn’t have faith in doing. This forced us wide the entire game & when we did go long Brown & Stringer were outsized & outnumbered.


Agree, we were clearly a key target down and it impacted us especially when we were pushed wide. We didn’t have many options though, Hartley wouldn’t have had the running power or agility to go with Gunston or Roughead. Ridley might have gone to Shoenmakers but that would have required Francis to play on Gunston which they clearly weren’t keen on. If Stewart was available I think he would have played.


We’re definitely a key down. I don’t think Stewart would have made much difference, he is not exactly best employed as a focal point up forward.


I wonder if they had brought him in and he did nothing whether you would bleat on about selection being poor? I suspect you would. In fact I will go so far as to say you rarely post a positive thing this club does. You seem to only find fault.


Would probably feel better if it was. That game was winnable.


Apparently he is going to sign a 2 year contract this week according to Mr Ralph on Fox AFL news.


Glad that we’re sticking with him. He was handy as a third tall. Hopefully he finds his touch.


Bomber James Stewart playing VFL but set to sign contract extension

Jon Ralph, Herald Sun

August 8, 2018 2:48pm

ESSENDON forward James Stewart will sign a new two year deal in coming days despite being shut out of AFL action since Round 11.

The former GWS forward started the season in a blaze of glory with 10 goals in the first four games but gradually faded in form as Shaun McKernan rose in prominence in the Essendon front six.

Stewart has also battled a painful heel injury and will next year have to fight for his spot alongside the resurgent Mitch Brown, Joe Daniher and McKernan, who is certain to sign his own contract extension.

Although a deal from the Bombers has been on the table for some time, Stewart is this week expected to sign for just under $300,000 a season.

His manager Peter Jess told the Herald Sun today: “We are working towards getting it done in the very near future”.

It comes as coach John Worsfold made clear the club’s aggressive attitude as they seek to secure another strong-bodied inside midfielder.

Western Bulldog Mitch Wallis has been offered a new deal at the Dogs but Essendon are interested in a tough clearance winner who has also booted 18 goals this year, kicking at least one goal in all but two of his games.

Very happy to see us offering Stewart 2 years. He has the tools just needs to refine them and get everything working in sync. Thought he was one of the few positives over the first 4 or 5 weeks before fallling off the cliff. It might have had something to do with Hooker going back, but still think there is plenty to work with.


Happy with this. Good upside and relatively young for a big guy.


Old news. That offer has been in the works a long time, think I mentioned it in May. Was never going anywhere.


I recall this, why do you think it’s taken so long?


Common to put off pen to paper and see if you can’t improve in form,… and therefore improve the bottom line/offer.


If Essendon is contracting him for just under $300k x 2 years…I feel like that is a pretty good investment…yeah, no salary squeeze caused by this one.


Get in while he’s cheap, nice move, also we’re one more fwd injury off having to put him back in the afl regardless of form.