#17 James Stewart - till 2020


Wish I was being paid unders at $300k




I’d rather make my 110-130k each year and not have to worry about getting another sub 300k in two years time.
Makes you wonder what Smack has been playing for?


Really like Stewart. The competition for spots is good for him. Does need to work on his two-way running a bit more, but otherwise made good improvement this year.


Probably about 100k.
Maybe less.


I think Crazy Bomber should have to start all of his posts with
This might sound crazy but…


This might sound crazy but that’s the best idea you’ve had.


You’d think maybe 150k? Not a bad, break glass in case of emergency?


Nup. He’d be on less than that. Honestly, about 120k max.

People have a very unrealistic view of AFL wages. And people like Smack are playing for love and peanuts. He’d be way better off financially, as would a lot of others, playing in a good standard suburban comp like the EFL, EDFL etc, where he could get the same, or very similar money, add the income from a full time job, have way less rigorous training regimes, be a able to have beers with his mates after games etc. But these guys cling to a dream, and won’t let go until the are kicked off the elevator one too many times. Hopefully for him this season may end up getting him a couple of years on reasonable (180 - 240k) money at last.


Geez, I didn’t know it was that cut throat. Imagine Jerret and Long are in the same boat?
Under a 100k is tough.


It’s just the nature of the beast. For every guy on big money there are several on not so good. But realistically, 100k for playing a game is a pretty good life.


Plus they get other aspects covered.

A lot of their meals during week, medical covered, perks via sponsors & coteries etc.

McKernan has certainly toiled away for a long time. It was a shame he had that serious hammy or he’d have probably got a really good payday contract wise.


Seriously, what would be the maximum dollars for any AFL players in the EFL or EDFL. Surely it’s not more than about $30K.


Gun FF at Noble Park was on 90k 10 years ago.


Yep some clubs that have pokies venues aligned have plenty of cash to play with.

Noble being one.


Kee-rist! How do they finance that?


Pensioners shiny lights and jingles.


I read that most first round picks start off on around 74k per year (plus game bonuses) and all other draftees were on a base of 64k off. I think rookies are even a little less than that but I may be wrong.


I don’t know about the other leagues mentioned but I know some blokes playing that get 1k plus expenses per game whilst basically even the drebs were getting an extra $50-$100 per game (in cash). If you’re an ex AFL player you can earn a pretty good/decent amount which is a good supplement to a full time job.


Top teams in Ballarat League would pay gun players $60-$70 k.

I know a team near me that has a player payment budget this year of over $500,000. There is a salary cap, but there are ways and means to get around them. All of this income comes from donations and sponsorship. No pokie money.

Argument which I support is that gave gun players gets more young to play and generates more income to support lower grades. Seems to work, if the Club has good leadership and a strong finance person.