#17 James Stewart - till 2020


Last season and early this season he operated best when he was the third tall. His strength wasn’t so much “power forward” attributes but his speed and agility. His marking was his weak point.
To respond to dons23 my main concern with his physicality was his tackling. I don’t him to be the beast that Hooker is, for instance, but when you ARE built like Tarzan you would expect him to use it to advantage.


Ironically Smack overtaking him could be the making of him.

Smack has shown if you put the work in, you can keep getting better as a KPF past your mid 20’s, and Smacks improvement is also requiring Stewart to improve. .

JS can run over 15k’s in a game, is fast, good at ground level, and agile.

If he becomes a competitive beast in the air and can clunk more marks, he will be an awesome partner for JD and the other JS (Stringer).

It would also mean he would likely improve as a back up ruck which could be handy too.

Smack would become depth in this case.


I think people confuse form with talent

2017 Stewart ■■■■■ all over 2017 Brown and 2017 McKernan
2018 Stewart is a shadow of the 2018 versions of Brown and McKernan

The form has changed, but the ability hasn’t and next pre-season they all start from scratch again


This bloke needs to get his sh-t together and be in the seniors.

All due respect to Brown, he works extremely hard but geez how did he fall so low to being behind every other key forward on our list.

He started the season well then went belly up just as McKernan came in and turned his career around.


I suspect his job is to learn how to deal with the attention a key forward gets, rather than 3rd tall, albeit a very tall one.

I hope he can, I think Stringer has got his slot in a modified more versatile structure.

When JD and Smack are back in and Stringer and Langford are rotating forward, he doesn’t have a slot unless he can be a KPF when Smack and or Joe isn’t available. At the moment Brown offers more as a back up KPF and he can swap with Hooker forward and back.

He needs another dimension besides 3rd tall to get back in.


I think this is pretty classic Blitz “I love Bart! No wait, I love Lisa!”

I’m a big fan of the likes of Brown and Dea (and a bigger fan of McKernan), but the reality is the first 2 have limited ceilings and all 3 are the wrong side of 26 (yes, Dea is 26 but Gleeson/Francis/Ridley are all younger and more talented).

NFI what’s caused Stewart’s meteoric plummet in form but the reality is he’s still a young player with a lot of ability. I back him to have a big pre season and hopefully play Rd 1 next year.

And I think the whole “he’s just a glorified flanker” is just symtpomatic of people’s broader views on his form. People were actively panning that view when he was in great form last year.


He is a definite stayer. He is working on his craft.

Next season Daniher, Brown and Stewart formible forwardline with Stringer, Bags and Smith. That’s exciting and very mobile and athletic which is where the game is.

Ambrose, Hooker, Francis and Hurley with Saad and McKenna backline that’s exciting!


I’ve still got confidence this guy can be a very good player.


Didn’t they say somewhere he’s been carrying i heel injury?


With all due respect, Brown has absolutely no physicality when contesting the ball, either in the air or on the ground. His tackles are just flimsy and he gets pushed out of the contest with ease when approaching a loose ball get. I get your point that Stewart needs to be stronger in the contest, but Brown is not a good player to contrast him with. Maybe Hooker. Stewart has about 10 times the athleticism of Hooker and about 1/10th of the physicality. If he could up that 1/10th to even 60% while retaining the athleticism, he would be a very good KP forward.


Well done today in the final quarter. I’m a Jimmy believer so was happy for him today.
Still think he has plenty to work on but he definitely has some tools.
Hope we offer him a contract extension as I know atleast 1 club is monitoring the situation


Sign him already, NOW


Most important reason of signing him is his age.


He’s taken some ripper grabs the last few weeks. Can’t remember him marking like that in the seniors.


He’ll likely be a late blossom-er, hopefully with us, though he and Smack are each expendable depending on value.


He’s got much more upside than Brown or Smack. I still think he’ll come good and will line up Round 1 next year in the seniors.


I see Smack as the stop gap, Brown as the back up and Stewart as the long term. The difference between them isn’t significant though.


When Smack works out not to give away silly free kicks, he ■■■■■■ on them!


I think they all have something appealing, Stewart’s age, Brown can play at both ends and Smack can impact in the middle.
Stewart is the most valuable.


Most valuable in what sense? For a trade? As a future player?
I’d say all 3 are worth stuff all in a trade, and there isn’t much between them on field but Stewart is last in the pecking order. Will need a big offseason to change that