#17 James Stewart - till 2020


Was our leading goal kicker when he was omitted. Has to still work on parts of his game but reckon him and Joe work really well together


Value in general. 24 compared to the other two at 28 years of age. I think he would hold as much value if not more than Smack at the trade table. From Essendons perspective my opinion is he’d be valued higher as we only have Lavender younger as key fwd and it’s questionable he won’t make it. Consider that we already have a Daniher and Stringer and a number of key defenders Brown holds least value to us. What increases Smacks value is his ruck ability as Looey is pretty much done and Draper not yet ready.
As for the short term which I’ve taken out of consideration of value because it’s the biggest variable, Stewart is probably last out of the 3. Don’t know out of Smack or Brown but going off recent form and into 2019 they’re probably ahead but a slight spike in form for any of the 3 puts them ahead.


Should engage beast mode more often, dude can’t be stopped when he’s fired up like he was yesterday.


I can’t remember a player so badly misunderstood and under-rated by Blitz.

Has a lot of talent and is building really well, after clearly getting no coaching on how to play as a key forward at GWS.

Club rates him highly, and he’s a big part of our future. We would be complete idiots to let him go (and I don’t think we will).


Loved the celebration after that goal. in it to win it



Wait, no. Melk.


His development since being dropped has been promising, he was clearly sent back to learn how to play as a genuine KF and after some early teething issues, including his accuracy and leading patterns, has come on nicely.

He still has a ways to go, learning how to use his body, finding his running power, which seemed down on 2017 and learning to bring the intensity consistently will be the keys to his development as that number 2 tall.


I don’t wanna lose Stewart especially to those prick$ on the cheap.
They’re clearly doing what they did to the, as in honing his craft in the twos.
From memory he was going ok before getting dropped so Worsfold obviously sees something worth keeping.
If he’s firing, joes firing, stringer, Bellchambers etc then heaven help whoever’s on them.
Look at him - he’s a gun.



I think you mean he’s got a gun.


Two guns.


He said he shot Liberty Valance though…and didn’t. Cricketer John Hastings did. Sorry for the spoiler.


Granted poor, ‘twas the jape


brown hartley stewart smack from these backups do we have one to many


No. 1 will not be a backup, but part of the 22 next year. So that leaves 1 back, 1 forward, and one who can play either end. Seems about right to me.


So Smack best 22 paired with JD?

Brown and Hart’s I think would accept being depth Stewart indicated not real happy with his 2nd half of year being out of team, if another side are offering the senior opportunity we may lose him


He’s not a fan of selection on merit?

He was awful till 4 weeks ago.


I read it as Brown will be with JD?


One back - Hartley
One forward - Stewart
One who can play both ends - Brown

The no. 1 in his post did appear to be Brown but the way he explained it seems otherwise because the only one who can/has played both ends is Brown.

@Reboot care to clarify?


They ought to try him through the midfield. Very agile and mobile for his size.


Sorry for the confusion mate. It wasn’t number 1. it was No, full stop, One will not be a backup … etc.