#17 James Stewart - till 2020


Personally I think joe, stringer and smack is our best current attack as it stands because stringer rotated through the middle, you can then add tippa, raz and a bags/6th forward around them guys. Really you could toss a coin between brown, Stewart and smack, but geez mckernan was fkg good in most games he played this year. He gets first crack at it for mine. He’s too good to run around in the vfl and I reckon we saw clear improvement in him this year.


Yep. McKernan will get first crack.


Did he not notice how better the forward line structure was without him and Green getting sucked up the ground.


Smack is pur Xfactor forward lol.

Except he isnt small


Throwing this out there. Apologies if already mentioned. Stewey off a wing? Has good mobility, and his height would be an issue for possible matchups. Mobile enough though? Aerobic capacity? not sure.


I wouldn’t mind seeing it.
Lots^ of teams have done it or are doing it, but we don’t.

^ Well, okay. Only Scott Stevens and Adam Tomlinson spring to mind, but I’m sure there’s others.


If McKernan can achieve the same pre-season with that pre-season form then he should be selected on merit. Very tough that he was overlooked at the start of this year.


At the start of the season I saw enough development in his contested marking and ability to halve aerial contests. He was our best forward along with Green at the start of the year. Then he became a victim of our bad forward half gameplan and never got out of the VFL for some strange reason.

Ace reported that the Hawks were looking at him. I really hope we retain him because he still has huge potential to be JD’s right hand man for the next 8 years or so.


Pretty much every word of that is wrong.


Care to elaborate…


At the start of the season the coaches noted that his contested marking work hadn’t really improved as hoped, but as the incumbent they gave him more time to show something. He didn’t. He was then sent back to the VFL to work on this, plus his leading work and general physicality, amongst a couple of other things. His progress has been slow, as evidenced by Brown getting the call up when McKernan went down. That being said, the way he attacked the game in the VFL final last weekend was the hardest, most physical game I have seen him play. He finally played like his body suggests he should. I’m sure the coaches would have been happy with that. Although he now has to try and make that his standard. I think he will find himself behind McKernan as the preferred second tall forward next season if McKernan’s pre season is a good one though. I hope he can fight his way back, because I think he has a lot of development left in him, and a lot of up side.

About Hawthorn I have no idea.


He was pretty darn good in aerial contests in the first few games then fell off a cliff. Billy bomber was right about those games


I agree with the @Reboot reply.
I also took away at the time after the Richmond game Stewart’s game was the last straw. Horrible positioning, Woosha didn’t put his name to it but indicated the forwards were out of position and we didn’t see him again. He really let the team down that day and coaches seemed very frustrated.


Signed an extension… surprised, thought he might’ve been dangled.




Good news!


Well done Stz.
Glad you’re staying.


awesome news


glad to see him signed. could be a dangerous athletic forward and is a good lookin’ rooster


Stewart and Laverde Signed on good.

Great to see him apply himself in the VFL finals series.

Think he is enjoying being the key forward.