#17 James Stewart - till 2020


Yeh goodboy goodboy good energy type contract extension




I am a fan of James Stewart. Big, has pace, can mark, good tank, good handling skills, but fark me his kicking action for goal just sucks.

Kicking is not all that hard. Line it up, straight run up, drop the ball on your foot and follow through. His stuttering run up is just dumb; where is his Dad? He was a beautiful kick . In


I’m afraid I’m not convinced. He did have a great patch at the beginning of this year when he was taking contested marks, kicking goals and generally being an excellent forward target. But he didn’t do much last year and his form dropped right away after that early patch this year. He really needs to do some very hard work over summer.


DJRs eyes are too squinty and he is smaller with less hair. Other than that they could be


Why are people so unkind ?


Pfft. Why are leople so sensitive?

Less about being a prick than making fun of the comparison to Stewart. It would be like comparing me to Orazio given I’m 6.2 white, freckly with a BMI that suggests a good paddock.


Stop picking on leoples.


WOW!!! So is Raz … … … amazing … …


Nah, they deserve it.


Nah, DJR is smiling harder, that’s all.
Their eyes are rather similar.


Yeah, like I said, squinty. Not beady or serial killer.

Anyway, how about James Stewart? Glad he got another 2 years.


DJR got 2 years???


With beady eyes like that i bet he deserves more


Stop trying to de-rail the thread, man.


I’ve just been watching some of our games from early in the season on Foxtel in which Stewart absolutely starred, and I’ve kept asking myself, What went wrong. Stewart was leading, he was holding marks, taking contested marks, generally doing everything you want a key forward to do.

Then from about Round 8 it all fell apart. He lost his place in the team and he never got it back. Does anyone have any real idea why?


Once Joe went out of the team and Hooker started playing down back he became the sole tall focal point and lost his way. That is not his game.

I think 'Boot has alluded to him going back to work on a number of ongoing issues that the coaches want him to improve on.


You could see in the last few VFL games, his confidence was coming back and he had a few more tricks. I reckon he will spend a bit more time in VFL but (like Langers) he will get back up and be a far better player.


Recon worsfold is rebuilding him behind the scenes. A bit like the.
Cyborg style.


Play him as a tall wingman who drifts forward and kicks goals on the run…he would be a nightmare matchup