#17 James Stewart


No I am not. Being poor means you did not play well. He played okay he was just beaten by a better opponent. There is a difference. Sometimes someone is better than you in sports, doesn’t mean you were poor when you went against them.


We looked for Joe wayyyy more, Stewart was running hard to provide options. His tenacity in the ruck showed he was up for it all day, but it certainly didn’t pan out well for him.


Plays like a midfielder, is not a KPP. Still adds something to the team.


This guy has great speed and wondered if they might try and run him through the midfield next year.


I’m his number one fan, but, tradeable?


He isn’t even at his peak yet, will get better


Ahh so 2 more years tops for 2 first round picks from gws?


He was never going to win one v one with Grundy.
We should have brought in Luey or Smack to enable Belly to play deep. Stewart was always up against it in that regard. He is a great player and will get better, but our entire forward structure was ruined without Hooker or another tall.

Also our midfield is pretty ■■■■ and cant deliver a clean ball around the 50 often enough…


Off day against a solid defender


This is pretty funny.


I said that I was getting Shaun Edwards vibes when we picked him up. I was a banana. I absolutely love this guy.


our midfield was so far off getting the game played on our terms, small ground where kpp often run themselves out of position, playing a different role with Hooksy missing and an opposition that brought every bit of their finals pressure. meaningless trying to rate him based on that game.

across the season, very promising.

22 goals from 16 games. that would have put him third in our goalkicking last year and 2nd in 2015! Just for some perspective on how rubbish we’ve been up front until this year.


Joke? We just got him in this year for pick 67 and you think he is tradeable?


Has had 3 years where he hardly played AFL, and a couple of years now where he has managed just over half the games for the year.

Has soooo much improvement left in him.

Would like to see him work on his leading and overhead marking. Could be a touch more reliable with his goal-kicking. i would consider giving him some ruckwork instruction over pre-season as an alternative to Daniher.


I know he was only in the ruck for 38 seconds but it seemed to work. Or at least gives us a little bit more drive than TBell gave us.

Is it too much of a risk to say “laters Tommy” and just alternate Stewart and Daniher through there? Tall, slim, mobile ruckman who transforms into an extra midfielder when the ball hits the deck instead of a huge, lumbering, brick ■■■■ house who becomes a liability if they’re not switched on. With Stewart or Daniher you can try and get them into the game as a forward instead.


Thought he added a lot to the team, and yes, plenty more to give.


Yes. Couldnt possibly work.


Fascinating idea.
I do worry about too much ruck work wrecking Daniher, though.
But I might just be a nervous Nelly.


I was wondering what had happened to you Bomber!

Carlisle / Daniher ruck combination mark II ?

If Jimmy can be a break even ruckman that would be a great thing (not for Smack mind you), but given his tank and mobility, it could be a point of difference if it can come off for at least enough to be a ruck back up, or if with Joey at least 50/50%.

Options like this, with Draper coming along more than very nicely and a free hit with a Category B rookie project ruck in the works, means we can breath easy with our ruck stock and contemplate life after Smack nowish, and life after Leuey soon… In fact if next year we can prove a Stewart / Daniher ruck/forward combo can work, even TBC might be expendable.

With players like Stewart and Daniher being functional in the ruck, it is like having an extra player on the ground in terms of disposals and filling spaces on the ground. But I still like having players like TBC and Chooka on the ground in terms of the intimidation factor and ensuring our players can walk tall.


Has been a good pickup. Plays more like a small than a tall using his speed and athleticism to beat his opponent rather than acting as a marking option.

Does have some improvements to his to make. Could improve his marking. If he was better overhead he’d be dangerous. Could also be better defensively. For all our midfield have been copping flack our half forwards have been lax at times. Many teams attack fro half back which puts pressure on half forwards to defend. I think James could go a little harder at the man with the ball at times.