#17 James Stewart


Not every side has a hooker type!

In fact most clubs have been drifting away from that for years!


His effectiveness as a contested marking AND leading forward last night just added so much dimension to our forward effectiveness.


I’m not sure I agree

Richmond aside, and they really only ended up as they did through injury to Griffiths, most teams have always looked to have strong presence in fwd line both to mark the ball and bring it to ground for the smalls.

It’s often one main fwd, and/or a fwd/ruck type.

Of the finalists last year

Cats - Hawkins
GWS - Patton
Crows - Tex
Port - Dixon
WC - Kennedy
Ess - Hooker (didn’t play)
Syd - Tippett (didn’t play)

Bulldogs paid a fortune to get Tom Boyd

And also why there is a bidding war for GC’s Tom Lynch now, who Hooker plays similar to IMO albeit Lynch more reliable kick.

Richmond rumoured to be after Lynch themselves.


Really bulked up…only a young man…if he keeps that athleticism the world’s at his feet.

The Duck said that twice almost verbatim within 5 minutes. Concussion. Still, he’s right, Stewart looks a beast


Were you watching on fox, because that happens a lot. They say something during what’s an ad break on the commercial channels, then say it almost word for word again after the ad for the ‘benefit’ of the people who missed it the first time.


If the players you named I would only consider Patton, Dixon and Hawkins similar to Hooker.

The rest lead further up the ground and are mark and lead types.

How often do we see hooker leading up to the wings?

He’s a deep forward and although good at his job for me it’s a question of tactics.



Stewart for comparison


Ah, the old heatmap mic drop


In my defense, I wanted to check because I had no idea. So my intent wasn’t being a snarky ■■■■, I just ended up there again.


I’m talking about being able to take contested marks/not being outmarked against the best kpd’s in the league.

Stewart can’t do that, it’s not his game.

Hooker is one of the best at it.


Highlights just how much ground Stewart covers and what will make him a nightmare to line up on.

Even his forward half possessions are spread out which makes him very unpredictable.


Stewart can do other things though.

Take Hooker out of our forward line and it still functions.

In fact I argue that we would be better off.




You think Hooker was the difference?


Could of had 5 Cale Hooker’s play that day and we would of lost. Midfield was destroyed


Having just seen it on the replay, you are correct.


Both Sydney games really can be used if only to look at the influence of strong bodied kpd Grundy.

In game one, the long balls to contests between he and Smack he was winning either via outmarking/outbodying or punching balls away.

This affects so much. If not taking marks across half fwd can’t hand off to players streaming past into fwd line. If not bringing ball to ground where smalls expect it to go not getting effectiveness out of them.

It also means that the rest of team has no time to setup defensively or rest, & the ball ends up transitioning back quickly into our defensive 50 for scoring opportunity.

If it was Hooker that wouldn’t have happened, last nights game case in point about how valuable he is fwd. The contest where he was out positioned he still found a way to impact and TIPPA crumbed it, handball to Green. Goal.

We had no Hooker or Smack in the final and Grundy mauled Stewart in any marking contest they had. And he was also left one out / double teamed when JD was in the ruck.

The entire structure broke down not helped by getting pantsed in midfield.


Highlights a run in the ruck…


Could be wrong but they are possession maps not hit outs.

His possessions in the forward line in particular highlight how much depth he has to his game.

Hooker mostly goes to the same spot in comparison.