#17 James Stewart




You think we had a functioning forward line?


You think we had a functioning team?


35 GAMES!??

Anyone wanna take a punt at you reckon his stats will be at 100?

Man beast.


Just finished watching the last quarter.

Stewart assisted the final two goals.



Get me smith’s nerd.


You’re right. Take Hooker out and we don’t have a functioning team.


My argument is Stewart is better than given credit for!

I actually love Hooksey but I just don’t believe he’s the John Coleman of this generation and we are farked without him forward.


Now he is. Last year he got monstered in anything resembling a contest.


Funny. For some reason I thought your argument was take Hooker out of our forward line and it still functions. In fact, I thought you argued that we would be better off.

We’re getting off topic. Stewart is a gun. #FARKCOLLINGWOOD


But you are all about that very moment!

When I watch a young player like Stewart is I look for signs of improvement and what they can become.

It’s what makes you such a rash judge of a player and me a bit more supportive.


Sometimes you have to look at a player’s output relative to what you gave up to get him. We could’ve got Fyfe for $1.6m a week and 7 draft picks, but jackets decided to buy stewart and then stringer in the 90% off October sales.


I do actually believe we would be better with him down back but he is a AA backman.

My original argument was that Stewart can anchor this forward line along side Joe and I believe he can.

He’s still very young and inexperienced and I personally believe he’s going to be a force soon enough.

You are right though #farkcollingwood


Found an old post of mine summarising his post game interview after we trounced Geelong last year. Same interview of the moons quote.


Stewarts increasing form and pies complete lack of a forwardline is delicious and only going to get better when Stewart takes his first bag of five vs them on ANZAC day.


His other skills have been well documented, but l would also like to voice a vote of confidence in his field kicking to advantage. In a word, it is superb. Our forward line has clicked straight into gear and already looks potent and threatening. There is no way a team can curb the influence of all 3 talls at the same time. They combine too well to all be shut out, though they play different roles, they complement each other superbly. That forward line is only going to look more and more potent once Fantasia returns and Stringer and Smith find a bit more touch. Their promising debuts indicate that more is on offer, and coming soon.

A delicious prospect.


That will burn Collingwood fans lols apprantley was upset when he learnt that the Pies wouldn’t take him as a f/s in his draft year.


10 score involvements and watching the replay closely again today I wasn’t aware that it was him who laid that tackle on Sloan for HTB. He then stabbed that perfect pass for the HOOKERRR, HOOOOOKEERRR, HOOOOKERRRRRRRRR moment


I like that although he is number 3 in the pecking order he plays like the big dog.

If he continues to bring the attitude that he is the big dog then who knows what he could become…


Its scary to think he still has a lot of improvement I him. I believe he will get better and better.