#17 James Stewart


One of the things I noticed on Friday night is how much straighter both Hooker and Stewart were leading out of the square - straight up the guts rather than out to the flanks.


He’s a fkg monster.


yes and its about fkn time. makes it so much easier for tippa, fantasia, stringer, smith et al


No one is not giving Stewart credit, apart from maybe the opposition. Being a 3rd tall is not degrading, all it means is the opposition have their 3rd best defender on him and more often than not he will torch them


I know what a third tall is.

Some are suggesting that Stewart is only performing because he’s getting the third best defender!

I think he is better than that and will only get better.


Yes and there was always space in front of them.


Totally agree. Stewart is turning out to be an absolute steal. Very good and only getting gooder!


They’re also starting deeper it seems.


I like that he’s multi-dimensional.

He can kick goals from a number of different ways which makes him a very tough match up.

He’s going to get gooder very fast.


Hooker not once deep back. :joy:

What a luxury if we don’t need to send him back. Kudos to Brown and Hartley’s games.


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Edit. Apparently I have fat fingers and one to many beers in the gold lounge at Sydney airport


Interesting. That is a very different arrangement from what was originally proposed (essentially the previous proposal was long and thin and more or less matched the grassed area behind the Hangar).


Stewart was actually the one going back.

In the first qtr especially he was back there and it wasn’t for ruck duties.


So that is possesion only. Yeah, makes more sense. That actually makes me happy.


Don’t wanna jinx it but… curse of the #17 jumper could be over.


I think they have identified that we need more aerial strength back there and Stewart and Heppell were drifting back.

The coaches have been spruiking the adjustments over the preseason at it appears they have actually done it.

Only one game but it’s positive.


Lol at Collingwood


Was right behind that mark

A few Crows fans next to me were cursing


Plays the 3rd forward role brilliantly

Applies pressure

Keeps his feet

Good strong mark

Good at ground level

Leads with purpose

Good one on one

Kicks goals


If he continues will be able to move Hooker back