#17 James Stewart


You are a dill, aren’t you?


I’m a dill lol

I won’t be the only person calling for Hooker back if Stewart dominates up forward


Why dramatically change something once it finally starts working?


Mate Hooker will never play back again. He is way, way too slow to be back there. Front end gorilla is his go now.


I can’t remember who he was chasing out of the back 50 in the last quarter but man, it was painful to watch.


I miss the days of Hooker dashing out of the backline with his break-neck speed…


Him and Hurley were clunk city


when you want to argue that hooker needs to go back some times, but you love how absolutely ballistic he goes when he gets a goal…


Oh I think there are many solid reasons (that I agree with) why you’d keep Hooker forward.

That he is now ‘too slow’ or somehow not up to playing defence anymore, isn’t one of them.


Marking, goal kicking BEAST.

Has relegated JOEDAN to third forward.



In years gone by was shut down Joe and that’s it not anymore. shut down Joe and one of Hooker or Stewart gets off the chain


It’s not going to happen

He was directly involved in the scoring chain or kicking them himself in over half the goals we did. And also gets JD / Stewart isolation themselves.

Moving him back to save a few goals more than Hartley might do on any given night won’t happen.

The net result of him forward is far more valuable to the team.


One of best blokes in the league at his size when the ball hits the ground too.

Lets face it, this jacket of Dodoros needs to be dipped in Gold.


To dream for just a moment…coz it’s always fun…

If Lavender can turn into a mobile forward/ruck as well, and Mason Fletcher can make it down back, then our tall stocks are set for a long long long long long long time.


Think you forget Ridley which could turn out the best of the young guys.


We got a massive bargain with this guy. I’m guessing a 2 year average salary also?

His price is set to go up bigtime. Out of contract this year. Clubs will be sniffing. I can see a club offering him a 4 year $600k deal if he keeps this up.


I hope Collingwood offers him ONE MILLION DOLLARS… and he says get nicked.


Heppell is such a good mark.


It looks like hes starting to get recognized by the broader football public now. hes got a front page photo on the AFL site. Shows his hard work is paying off


Those guns