#17 James Stewart


Here’s a quite tip: all of our players appear in at least 3 if not 4 dimensions. So you can spread that likingness around the rest of the team


He has developed a vice like grip when marking. Doesn’t matter if he is under pressure or about to get crunched, just grabs them


He reads the play so well.

It was vintage Heppell Friday night.


If he can keep playing with versatility he makes our team so much more damaging.


Great body work from Stewart to gain back the front position. He’s Hurley like once the balls at ground level.


We also scored 3 more times after that goal


His pretty slow but still as fast as McKenna


Dear James Stewart,

We love you.




Wow that is a real surprise - assuming no photoshop shenanigans. The equal fourth fastest on the ground. Whoever thought he was so speedy?


Surely he must have been shoved into a contest to register that speed.


Beating his chest like an ape is aerodynamically akin to a bird flapping their wings


But if that was the case hed fit on at Collingwood because they’re all soft.


Haha, can everyone who pots hooker about his speed please look at this


My concern is that Hooker is now ‘Too Quick’ to play as a defender.


Think we have found the Colyer replacement.


Must be his run up when kicking for goal.


Well worth 550-600K, 3 year contract. Get it done Bombers. No stuffing around. Get the impression if you play games with the bloke he’ll look elsewhere


l get the opposite impression, not that l would use it as a bargaining chip. He certainly isn’t going to the Pies, after they dissed him twice. When we recruited him all the heavy hitters were in attendance, making him feel wanted. That has left a lasting impression. He is enjoying himself right where he is, and l reckon he will stay. In some ways he is a prototypical player for the future. Watching him continue to develop over the next few years will be a delight. Sit back, relax and enjoy the ride.



I hope he strings collingwood along and results in them missing Lynch. Can’t see him leaving, close to a decade of him partnering with Daniher with the service of our kids is an irresistible prospect.