#17 James Stewart


Recent players we lost have been due to the saga (yes??). On that background we have successfully brought in players. Excellent environment to retain players. Obviously very very big bucks can make a difference. Crawf-Hirdy podcast spoke about this and that when yiu do the numbers it is not life changing, for some, over the course of their career. They’ll get a lot regardless, but they get to play with a successful team and their mates.

Let’s get his contract renewed soon and put it to rest.


There’s no chance he’ll go anywhere. We saved his career, and he’s best 22. Nothing more certain.


I was at the game and couldn’t believe how little Smith looked - he was actually standing next to Stewart and Hookerr… massive units!


lolz, as if Chook can run! Obviously a lie.


Bingo call.
Looking at the early posts not much love for Stewart. He’s come very good.


Yep, I posted a couple of seasons back that my brother lived in Sydney and went to heaps of NEAFL games and commented on how much he stood out and just looked like a natural forward but was never going to get a game ahead of Patton, Cameron, Boyd etc at the time


He is a Gun footballer that will go down as one of our greatest pick ups post drug saga. This week he will play the same amount of games he played for GWS. This is a Giant Achievement (See that pun?) that shows hes a valued member of our team going forward.


Sorry to hijack the stewart thread but Remember that time he kept up with this bloke, his pretty slow too though.



That was AGES ago tho


I agree with this. Unless something drastic happens, Hooker wont be in the backline this season.

I think the aim of the game is to put more pressure on the opposition mids to try and stop kicks to leads. If the opposition can be pressured into bombing it long into our backline, it will suit Hartley,


…or they can look at that “chase” out of the backline from Friday night in the last quarter. Perfect example of what Reboot is talking about.


I bet I’m not the only one who tried to play that only to find I enlarged a picture and took a few secs to figure out my mistake…


Sorry, was looking at early predictions and found this. This + Smith, KB knows how to pick em.


KB is the anti you.

players he hates have their career thrive, players you love have their careers die.




It would be interesting to see what his top speed is if they disregard his runup for set shots at goal


Good call Dell.


Except about Lang! And LAV!


Stewart been a revelation.

We aren’t the only one’s going tall in fwd line + Stringer type setup.

Port now running Dixon, Marshall, Westhoff (fwd/ruck) + Watts.

And that did a number on Freo with how many marks they were taking.