#17 James Stewart




Very happy with this. Well deserved


Big and mobile, can mark and kick. Lots to like about him.


Can’t even laugh at Collingwood anymore after Sunday now that it’s clear my club is the biggest basket case in the league.


Sure you can.
Collingwood would be a finals side if Stewart played for them.


Trade to collingwood + our first rounder for treleor
(not serious)


good news


Fkn GWS reject why would you want him


Very happy with this.
Just a pity Peter Jess is a kent


So much for our much vaunted forward line. Must have other teams quaking in their boots


A good story during a bad week. Love this guy. Please don’t ruin him EFC.


I reckon if we run a forward line of joe, james and lav/lang as the 3rd tall and just stretch the defence with disciplined running/leads to open space for each other we could improve significantly, and DP’s favourite point of hooker forward promoting lazy football can be addressed because we can send the clunk back so we don’t have to watch brown and hartley for a few more years when browns a young 30 years old.


As meandering sentences go, you have a long way to catch up on Proust. But keep practising.


Thanks provost.


Is playing the Hooker role superbly so far.


Anyone still doubt this guy?


Great mark this year. Good kick for goal and is a good field kick. Love how agile he is for a big bloke.


Overtaken Joedan as number 1 fwd


That play to set up Joe for his first goal was all class.

The body work to hold his opponent off the ball and shepherd the ball past the contest to allow himself to run onto it out the back, gather with one grab, burn his man and hit Joe on the tit.



On radio they said he hobbled to bench near end of last qtr. is he OK?