#17 James Stewart


Was he injured or rested a lot in the 3rd. Disappeared.


They showed him and Joe walking the boundary line afterwards and both looked fine.

So no doubt we won’t see either of them for the rest of the year.


AFL app says injured.


Great contribution from Jimmy again. So strong overhead and his kicking has been really spot on this year. One week (hopefully soon) he will dominate for us over a full four quarters and will kick seven or eight. Been a fantastic acquisition for us and is only going to get better.


Think it was just ankle, had his boot off at the end. Didn’t seem like anything major though.


Becoming a very damaging footballer. Great run and F50 entry in the last!


did he get injured


As he was limping towards the bench, he seemed to be getting better with each step…I expect him to be fine.

And we have a big break until Anzac Day.


EVERY c*nt I know says I look like him and messages me photos of us together, If he keeps playing this well I’ll take it!


you are dashing



I have a charming personality*

*may not be true


Rolled ankle

Good that we have a 10 break


At the risk of being overly critical of the guy after a great win, I would like to see him play a full 4 quarter game. Half time he might have been our best. But drifted out in the 2nd half. Which seems to be a trend (not just him mind you).

But fair play to him. I remember watching him run around like a fool in the ressies at Frankston. He has come an enormous way since then. Now for the next step


Tuning up for Anzac Day.


Drifted out because in the second half we reverted to hoofing it in long and high. Several times he made decent leads and was ignored by team mates


Until this year I did not rate this player at all. Last year he was a reasonably accurate kick for goal but not much more. This year he’s stepped up. He leads, he holds his marks, he takes contested marks in the forward line and then kicks goals. ■■■■■■ good game today.


Hope this guy is fit for anzac day, want him to really stick it up the pies


Need to see the replay but I can’t understand how he was paid that mark in the first qtr.

His contested marking has improved immensely but I can’t recall him actually being marked against.

Our most improved player this year.




Was he off for a big chunk of the game? Because it wasn’t just that ‘I barely saw him for the third quarter,’ I literally couldn’t find him, and I was looking.