#17 James Stewart


Went off injured apparently


His contested marking has improved threefold. It’s only early days but his development arc does seem on parity with last year. I really like this kid, with his athletic qualities his ceiling is very, very high.


The way he kept his feet after being tackled along the boundary and still having the composure to hit a target was awesome.

Has great core strength as he rarely loses his feet.


Please win ANZAC medal


Can play.


He has stepped it up this year. But damn he was good last year.

He and Walla iced the Carlton game.

And in Rd 22 v Freo he stepped into the void with Hooksey out injured as our primary foil to JD and helped lift us into the finals with x3 goals when finals were in the balance.


He was carried off right in front of me. Jogged the last 15m to the bench but was struggling


Should be ok if he came back on.

Can’t afford to lose him.

I’m sure he will love the opportunity to play the pies on Anzac Day.


Don’t think he came back on. Hurt his ankle towards the end of the game.



Hopefully he recovers in time then.


he was legit awol until he showed up midway though the 4th then went missing again.


Thought he got injured in the 3rd, didnt see him at all.

Was ok in the 4th, contested well and set up a goal. Hopefully just a rolled ankle


I will never tire of being reminded that collingwood passed on him as a f/s pick. Just astounding


I’m not complaining, FTR, just trying to work out what actually happened.


He turned his ankle right in front of where I was sitting, was off for much of the third but was back in for the fourth.

Stewart played a great game today. He has developed into a fine full forward. With him at FF and JoeD at CHF, and both able to take a spell in the ruck when needed, we’re extremely well off.


By all means look at the replay. Got first hands to the ball, a clear mark for mine. l was surprised that he took it, as the two big defenders had good position and plenty of hieght on him from which to spoil. That mark and his goal set the tone for the rest of the match. His work on the boundary line late in the game, where he backed himself in to deliver, showed how much he has improved and his growing confidence. An eye catching game.


Him having a ripper on Anzac Day will make it even more sweet


the smell of kieran sporn is almot exstinguished? (apologies to Kieran)


Me, zero Coleman’s


He is now a KPF. Where as last year he was a extra tall HFF. He looks so much stronger, both in the air and on the ground. Can now take a contested mark, bring the ball to ground when out of position, and can stand up in a contest.

Most importantly he played a great game while Hooker was back. Last year when Hooker didn’t play we looked ordinary up fwd. I know Stringer playing fwd is also part of it. But to me its Stewart’s improvement and ability to now play as KPF that allows Hooker back.