#17 James Stewart


He was inured in the 3rd and spent a fair bit on the pine, came back on in the 4th but went off again.


James Stewart winning the ANZAC day medal will be my dream this week.


Just seen the big fella at a cafe in Essendon. He is a monster of a guy, but most importantly no signs of a limp or any sort of bandage/brace on that ankle.


LOL… who changed the thread title :laughing:


I bet he’s a picollo kind of guy.


The first 4 rounds have seen him look much stronger overhead, the only real weakness in his game last year. With his genuine pace he is hard to match up. Certainly the forward line as it lined up against Port looked quicker and more agile with JoeD, Stewart and Stringer as the key forwards.

With JoeD looking a bit down on form he will probably cop a harder opponent that he would normally get against the Pies.




Bravo good sir.


He is deceptively mobile and agile for a big bloke. I think he is really coming into his own since moving to Essendon and is comfortable in his skin. And; there is still room for improvement, its scary to think just how good this bloke can get.


After the complete balls up with the checkside from not far from directly in front, JoeD did conventional drop punts for his two goals. Seemed to really lift his confidence. Having a confident JoeD floating around will also help Stewart.


Not sure why people are posting all this bullshit “much better than last year” “improved on his flawed overhead marking”

He was doing all this to an elite level last year


I’m surprised that you don’t think he has improved, and that you consider his performance last year elite.

Different opinions I guess.


Great game by Stewart. We now have a full forward !

With JoeD at CHF and Stringer as 3rd tall, our forward line is motoring.


Short memory, must have a shooort memory.


Magic ingredient, JD and JS on an even footing and throwing Hooker and Stringer back to their AA positions, win, win, win, win!

Happy Days


At the risk of getting totally carried away, his strength in the contest combined with fast leading, good hands and fairly reliable kicking is reminding me a little of another number 17 with a stuttering run up


Keiran Sporn? :smile:


How did you guess?


2 year contract extension imminent I’m told.


Smart move to sign him up before he wins the ANZAC day medal.