#17 James Stewart


Put a clause in his contract for every ANZAC day medal it’s a 50K bonus.


Be a nice little boost for the club heading into Anzac Day


Nice work, DJR!


Dafaq does it mean?? :face_with_raised_eyebrow:


He and Daniher were both born on the same date.


one is right footed one is left footed


Really loving this blokes form. I think he’ll tear a game apart soon.


Absolute steal. I am stoked we got him for nothing.


l would love for him to kick a lazy 5 or more goals on ANZAC day. Then after the last goal the camera pans to Bucks smashing another phone down, as BT says something about the F/S selection the Pies missed out on. If he picks up the medal next week, expect the Pies recruiting staff to be culled.


he is the most important 10 odd possession player at this club haha and i say that in all seriousness.

At the game you feel as though he is having a massive impact, then you watch the replay and halfway through the last he has 8 disposals and 3 goals.

his effort and ability to not get outmarked and bring the ball to ground is priceless however. I end up enjoying watching him play cos he gives it his all.


Paying $67 on SportsBet to stick it up fark collingwood for an Anzac Day medal, consider the match-ups and gamble responsibly people.

Trade in the first born, sell the house.


I’ve never seen the answer to that question: did Joe or Jim come out first on that fateful day?


Loved that contested mark in the first qrt against 2 Port players he was all like “I’m James Stewart bitche*s”


Was in front but the 2 defenders had the height on him and should have spoilt the mark. l liked the shake and shimmy on the boundary when he took on the defenders, and kicked the perfect pass to JD. Quality.


What a bargain


And a bargain too, … even.


I believe Joe, courtesy of his slightly longer legs, descended and touched down from the Heavens slightly before James.


Currently is our number one forward.


Someone was suggesting he goes down back so Hooker could play FF…


That 1st mark and goal against Port wouldnt have happened last yr.

That run against the boundary with a Port dude on his tail?

Just shows Stewarts evolution in strength and confidence.

I reckon hes got even more to give.