#17 James Stewart


We kicked 17 goals with zero goals 7 behinds combined contribution from Stewart and Fanta.
They both contributed but not on the scoreboard; both missed some sitters.
In the last qtr, Stewarts 55m perfect kick to a running Colyer, who goaled, was almost play of the night.


I thought he was very good last night. Contributed well.
He has been a great pick up. I think he has played about 23 games. Wait till he gets 50+ games under his belt and then we will really see the benefits of having him the team. Young players often drift in and out or fade out in the second half. He’ll overcome this with experience and confidence.
Its unusual that he and Raz combine for 0-7. I hope that doesn’t happen again.


Correct me if I am wrong but I am pretty sure Stewart lead in score involvements last night.


That 50m pass to Colyer in the final qtr was all class.

Pity he didn’t nail a couple of those goals, because he was in fire early.


Not many 198 cm guys have a 20 possession game and so many score involvements. If he’d kicked straight could have been in the votes. The cherry on top wasn’t quite there, but plenty of cake.


Probably the first game I noticed him have an impact at the beginning and the end too. His misses were not far off, he’ll kick those most weeks.


Probably 2018 but 300 is a stretch, he would have to play about 275 games in 8 weeks.



oh dear. I meant James Kelly hahaha. Epic fail. Deleting and going to bed :stuck_out_tongue:


James would have to be the best trade we have made for 10 years.


Just had a thought after watching the replay, pondering how do we get LAV! in?

Wonder if when he comes back, he could fill the 3rd tall role, and let big Stewie takeover CHF duties, allowing Hooker to go back.

Maybe not on a permanent basis, but it will be nice to have that option up the sleeve. Judging on the way James has/is coming on, I reckon he would go alright. Took some grabs Friday night that were Hooker clunkish. He’s actually taller than Cale too.


That kick to Trav at pace. Great mobility too. Lots of assists including MOTY.


It’s either that, or for Green you’d say, right?
That would effectively end the Hooker Experiment. I’d be loathe to muck with the current structure that’s working so well - 3 smls/3 talls which is causing such headaches for opposition. And it would be tough to move Hooker back after all he/we have done to get him where he is. But…weighed up against getting Laverde in, having a medium tall, Hooker freeing Hurls up more - it’s all very tempting. I’d hate to make that call, especially while we’re winning. I would definitely try it if we were out of finals. We’re really lucky at the moment - this kind of setup looks quite tasty.



EDIT… knew I’d forgotten someone… Hartley.


Your certainly right, its very hard to see how he fits atm. Stewie is not physical enough yet to play CHF, he brings a totally different dynamic to the game then clunk. Beauty is all 3 talls brings something totally different to the fwd line. And its a nightmare for the op to have a good matchup for all 3. So I am not so sure on Hooker back now.

Does Lav come in for Green? Thats a hard one to as we would loose some defensive pressure, Lav is far from slow but I dont think he is as quick as green. We would gain even more marking power though. So this is probably the only option id be game enough to try atm.


Stewart can’t slot into Hookers role until he can bring most of the aerial 1-on-1’s & 2-on-1’s to ground. When Hooker was injured there was a massive hole up forward, not because of his marking and goal kicking but because of this ability to at least halve a contest and bring our smalls into the game.

Stewart can take a contested mark but it’s generally when he has the run to jump for it. Another preseason or 2 and hopefully he will have the strength and experience to make these aerial wrestling contests a skill. Joey had the same problem up until last year because he simply didn’t have the core strength. So there’s certainly hope Stewart can fix this area sooner than later.


Agreed. Stewart and Hooker are currently totally different forwards. If Green’s hammies are a concern it will be interesting who gets a go as his replacement.

Also interesting that Francis shifted to backline in the VFL when Stewart had established himself in the best 22.


His progress is giving me tingles down below.


Hooker is the linchpin of our forward line.

Whoever said it was Stewart a while ago was dead wrong.

Stewarts role could be replaced by other players and our forward line would still work.

Now for mine that 3rd tall role is equally suited lav and Stewart with lang coming up after.


Agree. Stewart could not play Hooker’s role. Lav could play Stewart’s role.


I’m not so sure of that.
Severely underrated on here is Stewie, a lot more vital than people give him credit for. His height and agility is a real concern for opposition. This is the best our forward line has looked in donkeys years, would not be messing with it all all.