#17 James Stewart


Still love it how this bloke picked us over the Scum and the Filth


Not quite
Collingwood passed on him twice


I thought Pies, Blues and Bombers were the 3 clubs going for him at the end of last year and he chose us

(Fully aware Pies passed on him in his draft year)


Totally agree.

There would be a lot of clubs wondering why they didn’t pick him up for so cheap considering his rate of development.

Getting him at 77 has effectively allowed us to now concentrate on drafting mids and planning for replacement for a few of our older guys.


My understanding is the Pies showed no interest in him last year either until late and by then he was pretty filthy with them. We then sold him a very good story and he made his mind up to join us ahead of Carlton


Probably not a hard sell.

Want to form a combo with Casboult or Hooker and Joe Dan?


Well he picked us over the Blues, that’s good enough for me!


Especially with Brendon Mourinho’s bus parking tactics. How we couldn’t beat this shitstain of a club still infuriates me more than the Brisbane loss


His field kicking is as good as any of our mids.


Lav is not 200 cm tall, but I think he is more of an aerial threat than Stewart. I don’t remember Stewart being manned by key defenders, or worrying his shorter opponents regularly in marking contests. I think Savage was his main opponent on Friday.

Stewart gets most of his possessions by working hard up the ground. Or cleaning up spliiages when our forwards fail to mark it. He’s not playing as a key forward, but he’s doing a good job of providing a lead-up optIon,being a link man and occasional crumber. Pretty much the same role Lav would play.


He’s growing on me should have had 4 goals to his name but i like what he brings to the table.


Nightmare for the opposition.


Except all those times when he plays on, wheels around and hits a player in space who gets a scoring shot with the next possesion
Imo his footy brain and decision making are strengths

And Francis will want to drastically improve on every aspect to push him out of the team, the last few weeks of VFL have seen Francis taking very poor options and shanking passes by hand and foot (not doubting his ability/potential but he’s not there yet)


Frangs also playing down back.

will not bump stewart from the team.


With joe and hooker playing North have absolutely nobody who can go with Stewart, I’m expecting him to run rampart this week.


He will be filthy on last week. Could of had a bag.

Will make up for it this week.


Solid observations there


Except the footy record lists him as even taller, at 198.


27 afl games in all , one third of which have been played at the bombers.

Huge upside. Exciting.


Was on him from the day we got him. think his ceiling will surprise many. Looking like he’s finding his confidence and role in the team. Because we’ve won the least two I’ve watched a lot of replays of us play, and I have a lot of memories of Stewart metres in space to provide an outlet mark on the wing, as well as being incredibly smart in where he positions himself in the forward line to not only give Danniher and Hooker space to work, but he actually knows where not to run, and when exactly to run and where for goals for him and his team mates

It’s not luck that he keeps getting in these spots to kick goals or assists

Jimmy is the perfect addition to the forward line because he’s a smart decision maker, he’s got pace, he’s got height, he can kick and is usually pretty accurate in front of the sticks

this week could be his time to break out, looking a lot more comfortable over the last few weeks


Plays tall and small.

Fast on the lead. Usually can kick very well for goal and in general play.

He’s a tough match up and an exciting prospect.

Perfect third tall.