#17 James Stewart


Made a big impact last week without kicking a goal, that’s pretty flaming hard to do for a forward.


Just for the hell of it, would love to see him in the midfield.


Stewart, Hurls @ Francis to the midfield!


Essendon: James Stewart

GWS Giants: Pick 77

THE Bombers parted for virtually nothing to get Stewart and have benefited enormously as a result of his arrival. He’s kicked 12 goals from nine games and is having an impact each week. This could prove one of the best value trades conducted throughout this trade period.


I thought that was green’s role


Plugging a hole till Alwyn’s kids are ready


2.2 and six kicks is not even half the story.
Great last quarter from Hooker, but if you didn’t notice who he was on, and why, then you can’t football.

Laverde is going to be a very good player for us, but he can’t play Stewart’s role.
And if he gets so good that we don’t need Stewart, then, you know, fine.
But it’s not yet. Don’t think it will be for a while.




Very good again, works his ■■■■ off and getting better by the week. Needs a little bit of mongrel in him because with that body he should be steamrolling opponents. Still a couple of times today where he got into good positions only to be ignored by team mates. Definitely one of the pluses for the season


Played really well today, he’s such a weapon as a third tall


Soooo many times he was way clear on the wing today, and got ignored. Was an impressive clunking display.


Him, Parish and Daniher the few positives today.


Funny, he is exactly the kind of player GWS are missing.


Was very good again today. One of our better players, so lucky to get him, and we got him for nothing.


We lucked out getting him for a draft pick we were never gonna use.


He’s good, really good. We could play him and Joe with a resting ruck soon if he can build his one on one game. Really has made us a better side.


Really good game today. Star.


Getting better every week


Very excited about his development. Going to be a pretty handy player for us over the next few years.

Like Aceman said though, needs more mongrel. The marking contest he fluffed in the goal square was pretty soft. Should have been an easy mark and goal from the square. A solid knee right in the back of his opponent to give him some lift to mark and retard the defenders spoil would have done the trick. He’ll learn from that.


Has definitely improved his contested play - Can still improve his marking.