#17 James Stewart


He plays more as a medium lead up forward than a tall forward. This is not a bad thing as he doesn’t go up for the same ball as Joe or Hooker.


22 years of age, 198 cm, pick 77, quick for his size. I had my doubts but not any more. When he has played 50 games we will have something.


Is there any more GWS discards to attract this year?

Stewart looks like an inspiring pick up. Carlton have picked up a couple decent ones too.


He was great yesterday, his first quarter was brilliant. His marking has improved out of sight compared to the start of the year


Kids going to be a star, 24-28 period of his career, big marking CHF who can run. Yesterday showed us a lot, provides the link between Half Back and Full Forward


If he can model his game a bit on tom Lynch from Adelaide we’ll have done well out of pick 77!


Was our second best player yesterday for mine (apologies to Parish).

I’m not convinced he will ever be the contested mark his size would suggest but has enough mobility and surety of mark on a lead that I don’t think he needs it. Probably a couple of years from seeing his best but looking forward to watching his development.


This kid is potentially a star.


He doesn’t need to be a star…he just needs to play his part, and after a few stale weeks early on, I reckon he’s done a pretty good job. He might be able to play KPF at a pinch in case of injury, but it’s not ideal.


I don’t think he’ll ever be a star, I think he’ll have his quiet days, but I can see him being a very solid player and important peice of our side. Glad he got a run, he’s been a huge positive this year


When hawthorn was at its peak, every one of its forwards were stars.
So why not us?


Yeah, a lot to like. Plays with a surety that engenders a level of confidence. Best 22 for years to come if he maintains this level of improvement. And to think for years Essendon supporters were bemoaning the teams inability to kick decent scores.


Been saying since trade day. Right footed joe dan

Will be a star


Very happy to have him, but nothing at all like Joe. Joe takes the big grabs, Stewart leads up to the ball. They complement each other very well.


I agree that very different players at the moment. But Stewart’s got buckets full of upside and I don’t think we’ve seen half of what he might develop into.


Been really impressed with his marking in the last couple of weeks, really adds another dimension to his game considering he has the mobility and work rate.


What he does very well, is mark the ball at full pace above his head.
So with his athleticism, he is going to worry many defenders who can’t keep up with him.

Shrewd recruiting- Sheedy special?


Telling yas, he can wheel on to his right from 60+ out like JoeDan does and lay em through halfway up the post, just you wait for it.


I love that Stewart is hitting his straps at the exact time that Collingwood are publicly declaring their need to draft tall timber. Warms my heart.


Remember this bloke turned down FCFC to come to us, hopefully he shows them what they are missing this week