#17 James Stewart


THat kick set up the win.


Not his best game but he farked Carlton with that last pass to Tippa so he gets a pass


Fantastic first quarter (along with Joe) and then disappeared till the last five minutes.


Gonna be a super player with another 25-30 games under his belt. Jack Gunston type.


Seems to have a really good patch but then goes missing for long periods.


Really like him. I think that playing three talls means that one of them is being to be quiet during periods. Not sure what sort of setup would allow for all to fire at present at the same time.

But today when he has to stand up he ■■■■■■ stood up, was first up off the ground to win the ball and his kick hit the spot. Don’t underestimate the kick, the wind was blowing at the exact opposite angle but Tippa hardly broke stride.

We’ve done well getting Jimmy with pick 70 odd.


Come on mate. It was a straightforward kick and Walla was 20-30 m in the clear.


He has a tendency to start really well but drift out of games, he’s also not hitting the scoreboard. I like him, but he needs to address them two areas


He was also nearly beaten in that marking contest by a much shorter and lighter man. But I’m not knocking him. He’s a good compliment to Joe and Cale


Completely true. I think today was one of his worst games for a while. Happy to have him as an Essendon player though as he has a big upside


Have a look at the video of Walla’s winning goal against Carlton; and take note of J Stew’s pace once the ball hits the deck.


In most games he does something at ground level that players of his height usually cant do. Very good prospect indeed if he develops further. As noted though, doesnt get involved often enough yet.


He’ll be a good player for years to come but him playing for us has already ruined his set shots.

This club is cursed or lazy.


I’m unconvinced, but support the young man fully.


Yeah but on current form most of our other players would have either fallen over, fumbled the ball, stopped and looked for a handball to somebody flatfooted and under pressure or kicked the ball behind Tippa.


Stewart contested in the air, brought the ball to ground, grabbed it, burnt off some Carlton dudes and bulletted the pass to Tippa such that Tippa didnt have to break stride for the sealer. Nice.


Laugh at WD stating it was a straight forward kick - To perfectly execute the kick needed a high level of skill - And he did the same kick to Colyer against StKilda.


I have said this before but I think it’s simplistic to suggest that he’s just inconsistent or he starts good and then fades. I think there’s a pretty obvious correlation with the “heat” involved in the game. Whereas Joe can jump on someone’s head to take the game by the balls or re-impose himself, I think JS really needs the team to be working well and with good “system” to be firing. When it’s a hard fought game where marks up fwd and goals are hard to come by - he’s rarely able to provide any. I hope he can improve on this - I’m not sure if it can be done as I’m no expert.


Yeah hence why i say he isn’t the linchpin of our forward line.

cale will will present day in day out and cop whatever the other teams defenders throw at him, except for that fact that hes just as capable of going 1.6 as 6.1 it doesn’t matter.


That goes for the entire team.