#17 James Stewart


Straight forward is stretching it to the absolute limit.

Quality kick in a clutch situation.


Ultimately, this trade got us a finals berth.



Doesn’t mind a snap of either foot


Breakout game

He’s very, very athletic for a big guy


Have been a doubter. He was great, well done JS.


Beautiful skills and athleticism for a big man. Lookout once he improves his 1-on-1 contested marking.


He reminds me a lot of Josh Kennedy and it’s not just from his kicking. He’s well and truly made our forward line the threat it now is.


He’s honestly been way, way better than I thought he could be. Fantastic first season


This is it.

Get contested marking up and he’s dangerous always.

Great game today.
Back it up son, back it da fark up!


Has been great all year. You lot can’t get on this train now, it left the station without you a long time ago.


My boy. Should have been in the team from the first week with a great pre-season.


Shows his absolute class


Wait until he starts realising he has the body to nudge defenders out. He will kick big bags.
Worried that we have killed his set shots though, his action is completely different since moving to us


Beautiful field kick as well. Top effort


Thanks James for being a ‘winner’. You have been terrific this season. I am extremely grateful we have you in our forward line.


4 very very classy finished, 2 left foot, 2 right foot. If buddy had kicked any of them diggers would have blown his load


Best 198cm small forward in the game.


Sensational effort today to step up in Hooker’s absence.

Has some X-factor about him too and has just gotten better and better as the season’s progressed.

Looking forward to his next ten years with us.


What a find he has been. Great game again.


Love this guy. thankyou GWS and thank you Collingwood.