#17 James Stewart



called it day we got him, steal of last year’s trade period


Super impressed


Really good player we have on our hands. Only going to get better too. His agility is super impressive for someone so tall, as well as his ability to get out of tackles.


Had me since “thanks Moons”


Such a huge fan.
His best days are ahead of him.
Just rapt that he’s in our team.


Judy, Judy, Judy


not surprised after his last month that he’d win us a game


love his work in traffic. was also good to see that he was presenting up the ground all game whilst others went stagnant.


If he can improve on his contested marking over the off-season, he’ll be an absolute jet. Right now, his athelicicsm is getting him 3-5 shots on goal a game.

Excellent pick up for us, have really enjoyed watching him develop over the season and today’s game will give him plenty of confidence heading into a final.


Bizarro Davey.


Came to post something similar. We’ve gone from no small forwards to all the small forwards and even the tall forwards and small forwards.


22 goals from 15 games is a damn handy contribution from a bloke who it doesn’t even look like we’ve seen the best from yet.


Imagine if some of our other players were as good as him below their knees.


He was awesome today with Hooker going down.

His work rate when it hits the deck adds a whole other dimension.

For an unknown guy out of the best 22 at the start of the season he’s been massive for us in making the finals. His intensity is top notch.


Very well put. An insightful and clever observation.




We have gone from joke forward line who can’t kick 60 points to the reason we are playing finals this year.


Before Stewart: 3-4
After Stewart: 9-6


Pick 77 takes us to 7th Position


Looks like Tarzan and now plays like Tarzan.