#17 James Stewart


Tallest Small fwd in the league, … that can also Tall fwd.

Gun already,… and he’s only gonna get better …


Is it time to change the title of the thread to “#17 James Stewart - lol Collingwood”?


And maybe Number 17 will give us 17 in 2017?


Great thread title


I love to overrate every recruit we get out of love for the club but I’m mightily impressed by this guy. Our forward line is going to make us a big threat in 2 weeks time. Big Jimmy Stewart!!


His marking is showing plenty of improvement, but one thing I’ve noticed over the last few weeks is that he isn’t getting out marked. He’ll get out bodied, or out positioned, but he still gets a hand in and brings it to ground.

Further to that, he often brings it to ground and crumbs it himself.

I liked him at GWS and was very keen for us to get him, but even still he’s exceeded my expectations so far this year.

Plus, he’s in form heading into finals.


I love this aspect of his game. I’m not sure if it’s his balance, reflexes or sheer tenacity, but he is rarely beaten when the ball hits the ground.


Yep. His biggest glaring area for improvement was contested marking and he’s clearly made huge strides in that area this year. There’s a lot to be said for playing 15 games in a season as compared with the 18 he played in 4 at GWS. Still not likely to be a genuine #1 forward but he could be the best 3rd tall in the comp if he isn’t already.


Hooker and Stewart both keep their feet after the contest impressively well. Daniher not so much - but then he’s usually falling from a lot higher up…


The best #17 since the mighty kieron sporn


His goals per game (1.5) and i50s (2.7) per game numbers are already in the upper echelons of the ‘third tall’ position.

Just needs to get a few more possies, limiting the quiet patches he still has, and take a few more marks (clunking those one on ones) and he’ll be genuinely elite.

Seriously, amazing work by our recruiting team. God the Pies would love to have him in their side.


It’s certainly handy having a super quick HFF with good clean hands and a long kick for goal. Oh and he is 198cm making matchups very difficult.


Nice to see that he can step up as the 2nd tall.


His third tall stuff has been ok clunking kicking goals etc.
But it is his ball use - delivery inside 50 or to players into space that is top notch elite, and his second efforts that have been impressive, his recovery post marking contest is usually very good, he has a quick first couple of steps, and he usually lays a good tackle and helps lock the ball inside 50.

I like probably others, thought he was just warming the seat for laverde to come back in or Francis or langford as the third tall, but Stewart has been very good. And fits in well with the forwards group. Thanks GWS,


cough Colyer cough


Needs to give Colyer some leasons. Would be a sight to see at footy training.


Love the passion that he shows when he knows that he’s kicked an important goal for the team, such as that dribbler from the pocket on the boundary line yesterday and then handslapping a fan in the crowd on the fence.

It’s like he’s got absolutely no link to the Pies whatsoever and has been barracking for us all his life and is now living the dream playing for Essendon.


Funny that he’s exactly the type of players the Pies need. Lucky they picked up Daniel Wells.


If his pre season interview are anything to go by they’re pretty much dead to him after they elected not to draft him for next to nothing as a F&S.


Thought he took a big risk coming to us over Blues based on fact he was looking for opportunity.

In the end the 3 talls, 3 smalls structure has turned out to be most effective for us. Partially as he is so good at ground level for his height.

Stepped up to be one of the main two men when we needed him with Hooker out too.

Onya Jim