#17 James Stewart


I thought he added a bit when he went into the ruck

Second efforts were great


He has had a good season, got thrown around a bit by grundy. Just think he needs to add a little size so stronger in the contest.


Has had a good season, but is not sure is in the team long term.


Very good season, hopefully he can play better when he is the 2nd tall and not the 3rd.

And really needs to work on his goal kicking. He was elite goal kicking at GWS (and their NEAFL affiliate)


I like him. Is far better than I thought he would be. Seems to have put on some good size to and his marking has improved as the year went on.
Will always be the 3rd tall though.


He is a very good 3rd tall and good on the ground for his size
He Hooker and Joe worked very well this year. Hooker plays and Stewart becomes very dangerous.
Has had a good 1st year and will only get better


Such a weird perspective and I’m almost certain it’s because he was a late pick rather than based on what he’s achieved this year.

Young mobile tall who is exceptional below his knees and knows where the goals are. Work on upper body strength and positioning as he learns how to play like a big man and we will have an absolute gun on our hands. If he played every game this season he would have been a 30-35 goal prospect


My word he is in the team. Plays his role excellent. Was always going to be tough once Hooker pulled out and he become the main focus. Had a very good opponent last night


Great season from this bloke but what has happened to his set shots?

Was known for being a dead eye when he got to the club and right now I wouldn’t back him to kick one from the goal square.

Seems to get far too close to the man on the mark IMO despite him being a huge kick of the pill.

Here’s hoping Begley takes the set shot kicking sessions from now on.


One of the highlights of our season. I have to admit I didn’t see him making it but he has played the mobile third tall very well for most of the year.


Why is it we fark up everyone’s goal kicking? Chappy and Cooney never missed so many easy shots at goal in their previous careers as they did when they played with us. Greene is another - seemed to kick bags against us but misses plenty with us.


Perspective - Grundy played on Mckernan last time and dominated the defence and was rated third best player in the Coaches votes - Stewart had Grundy and did much better on Grundy, though he found it tough at times - Anyway it’s a good learning experience as he will at times get the second best defender, as opposed to the third best defender.


Managed to run 15km on Saturday, nearly 2km per disposal.



15km around in circles.


HI game was poor when it mattered


No it wasn’t, was beaten by an extremely good defender. He wasn’t poor just beaten, that happens sometimes.


Mate your splitting hairs ( he was poor on the day and his opponent was good, better whatever)


I actually think he needs to improve his core strength and work on his craft. Needs to get lower in one on ones to hold position better. His opponents get under his shoulder early and unbalance him making him easy to shift of the line.


Agree with this. I don’t mind the stutter if it wors for him but he has to go back further to accommodate it, like Kennedy.


Stewart does his best work when he is a third tall.
And also when we actually deliver it to him well.

He worked in to the season well and I’m looking forward to seeing what he can do next year.