18 Aug Training Pics - contains some rare specimens of Essendonian Football Clubus

Yeah, it is late, but seeing as we have had 117 ml of rain in the last 12 hours and I can’t do anything outside or get across the creek I thought I would post it up. It is worth sharing so you can see what some of the lesser lights are looking like at this time of the year and besides the 18th is special because of something much more exciting so no one would have been looking at these anyway.

Morgan -

Eades -

Ashby -

Wow, do you remember this bloke?

And what about this good looking rooster?

Hope Franga can get up for this week.

Where to next for Smack?

Ditto Grimley?

See ya Kommsy.

Thanks Coons

Still enjoying his footy, someone must have said a good sledge

Thanks Crowls - maybe if we had played a tagger this year you would have been it, but it wasn’t to be

Thanks Big Russian. Will be good to have you sticking around to coach the ruckman. Unleash their inner berserker.

Will he be ready this week?

Cooney points to where Ashby should be setting up, meanwhile Ashby is thinking about which conditioner he should try next

Thanks Polky got you to your 100 games.

As this was taken pre-Hurleyfest, I wonder what Woosha was thinking about?