#18 Hurley - Too much beast for one thread


At least he made an effort. Not like that other snivelling little worm.

Anyway, how about that Hurls dude?


Well, he’s no Cotchin, that’s for sure.


Yeah i’m glad it doesn’t. I think that generally, football has moved past those tactics. You see it in games occasionally though. I’d say Nathan Browns bump on Saad last year was an example. Saad was on a hot streak and Brown bumped him about 2 seconds after he got rid of the ball.


Same as Douglas on Merret.


Hodge on Heppell.


Yep. But then you have stuff like the Cotchin one above or Hodge on Heppell that are boarderline. I’d hate for umpires to be deciding who gets red carded. It’s just another way for them to ■■■■ up the game.


For me, the line is crossed when the intention is to commit a foul - intentional contact to the head, intentionally attempting to injure someone off the ball. Lewis on Goldstein should have been 6 weeks. Hodge on Wingard should have been 8-12. Conversely - accidental contact with the head shouldn’t be punished, and fakers need to be suspended.


I totally agree. Do you trust the umpires to get it right mid game? Especially in a GF when physicality is heightened. It’s the only reason i don’t like the idea of a red card. I thought the Hodge one was illegal but even Hepp said it was a fair bump. He even posted a cheeky video on social media thanking Hodge for knocking his teeth out haha.

Anyway, Hurley is pretty good.


Yeah, what else is he gonna say. Hodge is excellent at masking snipes. Fark him.


His leadership down back will be very valuable in the first few rounds with Hooker missing.


Yeah and where did all this horse ■■■■ about Hodge being a good bloke come from. He has and always will be a dirty prick.


Would make a decent forward.


Cotchin didn’t steal it from him. Don’t blame Cotchin for decisions other people made


Firstly, don’t tell me what to do. Secondly, he could have refused to accept it. It’s your prerogative to think differently.


You’re a bit chirpy. Having a bad day?


Kinda. Thx for your concern.


I prefer to think of Cotchin as being in the possession of proceeds of crimes he did not commit, I would still prosecute though.


Pretty sure its in player’s contracts that they must accept AFL awards, attend AFL designated awards presentations and not bring disrespect to the AFL by disparaging an award etc.

I’m happy with the way Cotchin has handled himself in the situation he found himself (it wasn’t his fault). Mitchell on the other hand is a little ■■■■.


You reckon the AFL would seriously pursue a breach of contract against a four-time premiership player & its clean-cut poster boy in Cotchin for refusing a Charlie they didn’t rightfully win? Imagine the field day the Player’s Association would have with that one. And the media exposure would seriously damage the AFL’s brand. The honourable thing would have been for them both to present a united front to the AFL & staunchly refuse on principle. The AFL would have been forced to null & void the Charlie that year.


Yes I agree that is what they should have done. But it is the AFL we are talking about here.