#18 Hurley - Too much beast for one thread


I don’t want to derail the Hurley thread anymore than I have already done, so this is my last comment on the matter.

The AFL should have let Jobe keep his Charlie out of respect for the AFL Doping Tribunal’s decision. A symbolic finger up to CAS. He copped a ban. There was no need to humiliate him further. He handed it back, but was about to be tapped for it. As you said, it’s the AFL & optics are all that matters.


I’ve been a Hurley fan since he started with Essendon, but I have to admit that today against GWS he was at best utterly ineffectual. Time to relegate him to the Magoos for a few weeks. Replace him with Zerk or Hartley. At least they show heart.


Takes him 10 rounds to warm up , he’ll come good.


Perce, pls.

Hartley Is not the answer


He’d be better than Hurley was today. He tries his erse off and at least he gives a shyte. Give him some responsibility and show trust in him: I believe he’ll repay that in spades.


Ease up. Hurls has a big heart.




Francis and Ridley are the only ones I have any faith in from the talls that player today.

Hurls is a shell of what he was and should be, he has lost the fierceness that was his hallmark and now he looks defeated before the ball even gets there, he just looks confused and frustrated.


So does my nan. Hook her up with a guernsey for next week will ya Hepp.

I’m sure she wouldn’t mind taking a weekend off knitting.




Dont put this loss on Hurley.

Its on everyone.


Who’s “putting the loss on Hurley”?

He was one of many incompetents today, the worst of whom was Worsfold.

But this is the Hurley thread !




The whole team were garbage today but it goes to show how overated and overhyped our players are. Hurley on $800,000 plus was out marked by Keeffe on minimum match payments.


Has anyone noticed the last few weeks hes been whinging alot. needs to get that out of his game and focus


He’s been sooking since he got suspended


Yeah doesn’t know what to do with his hands.


One thing “the beast” needs removing from this title.


Overcapitalising on talls has been a cornerstone of the clubs failed philosophy. Keefe once again showed that when you are dominating the midfield running game you can make any average forward look good.


He’s been a liability for 2 years.