#18 Hurley - Too much beast for one thread


You can hear it in his voice. Hes devastated.


Dam, that was tough to watch. Genuinely looks broke. I’d give him a hug (no ■■■■)


Interviewer was trying desperately to lead Hurley into giving positive platitudes, it just wasn’t happening.

Looks shattered - that’s the type of person we should have in our leadership group. The type that has that kind of passion for the club.


He should be in the leadership group, oh wait…

You could tell in that post match both from his words and by his expressions that there is some serious conflict going on behind closed doors.


The fact that this bloke is not in the leadership group says a lot.

Bleeds red and black.


Lucky that Francis replaced Hooker, then.


Difficult watching that interview.

Not sure how a bloke that cares so much about the club can cop so much criticism.

We need more like him.


Sounds like he’s been a bit under the weather with a cold/cough or something. Didn’t say much really but obviously very deflated…


Emotional sounded too me


I’d say he had spent 2-3 hours screaming at his teammates and lost his voice.

He looked dejected and upset by what had happened though.

Thought he played well for the most part but still looks like he lacks confidence at times.


Hurley video was good. He was clearly upset.
Sounded like would review footage etc, but imo not sure what to expect next week.
Seemed annoyed at how they moved the footy through midfield and forward line.


Have we been given an explanation as to why Hurls and Hooker are no longer in the much vaunted leadership group?


There has been a lot of talk in various threads about the leadership group and it’s discontent.
You don’t need to be in the leadership group to be considered a leader.
If players are looking for being left out it, then they’ve missed the point.
Hawthorn switched their captain from Mitchell to Hodge in 2011. They both led the team the same way they had previously. Stratton has taken over from Roughead. Roughead isn’t looking about being left out.
Leaders are leaders. Regardless of their title.

I’m also an advocate for less players in the leadership group. For me, it makes the message clearer. I’m quite content with captain and vice captain and everyone else are leaders in their field position (i.e. Hurley / Hooker lead the backline, Joe D and Raz lead the forward line, etc.) without the 'leadership group title.

Having said that, I’m not sure why Myers is in the leadership group. He’s certainly not a lead by example kind of guy, so he must be a good vocal leader.


Who gives a ■■■■ about being in a leadership group. If you’re a leader you’re a leader regardless of being in a group or not.

I’d be staggered if that’s an issue.


Fk me if there is a fraction in the group of who’s not in the leadership group, then delist the fkn playing group and start again

Seriously, it would be the most pathetic excuse ever. Get the fk on with it


Yep stick the ■■■■■■■ lot in a cannon.


Hey Hurls, if you’re going to wear your cloak of invisibility, make sure it’s the opposition that can’t see you. Not poor old Franga!


I’d be staggered too… Seems like a media beat up to me.


We need to be told why he’s not in the leadership group - it’s a joke, especially with blokes like Raz and Joe in there (fans of both, but Hurley is head and shoulders above them)


Hurley was close too, if not BOG. anyone who thinks otherwise was not paying attention.