#18 Hurley - Too much beast for one thread


Seen the replay? Came off the side of Franga’s boot; he and Hurley both understood the ball was to pass goal-side.


Good two weeks in a row.

Melksham look lively early but Hurls shut him out of the game.


Love his attack on the ball. Can’t wait to see him with Hooker back


Stepped up today - Much better than his first two games.


Struggling big time. Starting to boil. Will be fully cooked by the end of the year. Lost the commanding presence, elite disposal and struggles in the air because of his dodgy wrist. Really sad to see


Is this a joke?


You can almost pencil in a goal to the opposition when he’s deep 1v1

Needs Hooker back asap.


WTF? I thought this was one his more dominating games in recent times. Just because he didnt rack up the stats/disposals doesnt mean he is cooked… Played a great defensive game which is what we need from him.


Massive improvement tonight - let’s just hope he’s turned the corner at last !


Have been watching his demise for a while. Saw him out bodied by Melksham in a contest that he would have smashed previously. Small samples that are building with regularity. Doesn’t look as assured or have the time with the footy. The wrist is troubling him and I don’t trust him in a 1 on 1 like in days gone by


No, are you seeing an all Australian running around in the number 18?


His last 2 games have been great. We’ll have to disagree on this one.


Great - fmd - All Australian good?


Little early in the season for that. But yes, great.




I reckon his 1v1 stuff is actually getting better this year

It was embarrassing in 2017. It was ‘patchy at best’ last year.

Obviously nowhere near Hurley of old, and there have been some cringy moments, but there have also been some good signs that this part of game is slowly coming back.


Him and Francis are quickly building a nice chemistry too.


With Rance gone for the season, the selectors won’t know pick


Nope. I barely saw Melksham tonight.


Thought he was really good. When we were under siege at times he really held the backline together

Absolutely blanketed melksham