#18 Hurley - Too much beast for one thread


Best game for the season. Absolutely rock solid in the air.


That unloading of frustration on that poor st kilda player has done him the world of good.


Back to the Hurley we all love. Not worrying about making contact and positioning, just straight lining the ball and either marking, or destroying the pack. So good to see.


Dominated Brisbane’s forward line .


I think he has been very good this year.
His confidence seems to be much better. Looks like a guy that battles serious anxiety at times, but seems to be in a better headspace this year.
Wouldn’t surprise if he goes on to AA again.
Nice to have him back!


As it turns out, Paddy just about snapped that twig…


Couldn’t hit the side of a barn unfortunately with his disposal. Less exposed with Hooker playing down there though.

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Was good on the weekend but I get super nervous when he has the ball nowadays.

Often gets it, pivots and ■■■■■ himself.

Kicks it into the man on the mark more often than most others.


Not sure what you’re watching but i don’t agree with any of this.


I must admit I hate it when he looks for a kick inside or across the face of goal. I’d prefer him to take safe options now because he is kicking is too inconsistent to take risks


Thought his last quarter was the most assured and dominant he’d looked in a long time. Mcstay is no string bean either. It was a good performance


Hurley hasn’t made and ‘attacking’ kick for years. He only has 3 kicks - all defensive/conservative

  1. Short sideways kick to the pocket
  2. Switch to the other side of the ground
  3. Long to the boundary line


I agree. I think he lacks confidence as his kicking isn’t as good as it was before. Just needs to back himself a bit more I reckon. He’s a better kick than Hooker


Hurley is averaging 400 meters gained a week from less than 20 possessions.

That’s the highest from our club and 46th in the comp.


Kicking long down the line to a pack of players would explain that stat.

His kicking isn’t what it used to be, it doesn’t need to be either as he is now surrounded by plenty of players who can hit the risky centering kicks.


Makes him a little predictable though


Played on Zeibell most of the game and kept him to 6 touches!

Had a lazy 25 to himself :heart_eyes:


Caught up on the Brisbane and North replays today.

Hurley is in AA form.


Quietly going about his business whilst Paddy takes all the praise, a role reversal of sorts.


Yep, Ambrose’s ability to lock down in the best forward allows Hooker and Hurley to do their thing.