#18 Hurley - Too much beast for one thread

Importantly, he has started to add more intercept marking into his game.

You’ll never want him having too many possessions, but as long as he can win the ball back and bury a few bloke per game on top of his shutdown jobs then that’s all the ‘extras’ the teams needs.

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Hurls has smashed degoey but we have lacked drive out of the back half.

Roll the dice Woosha and make the change.

So far loved his game

good game today hurls

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He just farmed up on that last play that lead to DGoey goal. Didn’t killnit and then was left in no mans land


Makes a couple of errors but in All Australian form.

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Not a bad game, but too many errors/misjudgements to be in All Australian form.

I didn’t see him win many 1-1 contests against De Goey - just had low numbers but I’m not sure how much that was down to Hurley’s Job… if you get me.

I did see him run past the ball and cost us three goals in a low scoring game (maybe I’m just seeing the bad stuff).

Didn’t have him in our best.

Too many times he went third man and didn’t clear it and let the ball get out the back

Apart from that thought he was ok

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He was very good, as he has been all year. I think his confidence is up and I expect the good form to continue. Only injuries will stop him from AA this year.

Our back line is awesome. Put the GWS game aside, which was more the fault of the midfield, and I think we have had the best back line in the comp.

He has turned into a very poor kick.

I’m sure if you look at his disposal efficiency you will see it being high but 90% of his kicks are sideways.

When he kicks it forwards to a semi difficult option, he often misses the target

Actually kicked better yesterday- some good 30 metre left footers to relieve pressure.

And except for an unlucky bounce, where the spoil didn’t quite cross the goal line held Rohan, their in form forward, to SFA.

I posted this in the match day thread but him doing the blind panic kick put of defense is a thing now. Most of them result in turnovers

Sometimes it’s the only option. The pressure inside Geelongs 50 yesterday was immense. If the ball bubbles around for long enough it ends in a goal. Those dump kicks out of the area are never ideal but sometimes it’s a last resort to relieve pressure and hope there’s some players that can win the ball in a slightly more open area and give a few seconds for defence to reset. Geelong were marking everything yesterday so it never really paid off.

Yeah i don’t mind his quick kicks out of defence when under the pump, it’s better than handballing it to a teammate under pressure.

It’s his general field kicking when he’s under no pressure and kicks forward that is a concern… so many missed targets

At what point does the question of whether to trade Hurley become ok?

We have given away our first 2 picks at the draft for the next 2 seasons. We need to find a way back in

The guy is a shadow of the player he once was.his kicking is poor, his defending has been awful apart from a few weeks earlier in the season. His body language is absolutely woeful.

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clubs would take him but we wouldnt get a first rounder

he’s a really dopey footballer about 70% of the time


Named as our best??? What the actual fark are they watching