#18 Hurley - Too much beast for one thread

Do you mean Sydney named him in their best? He was awful for Essendon tonight

Never seen a guy lose a contest a certain way, shake his head.Then do the exact same thing at the next contest

Did he actually hurt his ankle? Or did he come back on?

Might be a chance for Zerk to get a game and play with Hooker and Ambrose.

What would teams actually give up for him in a trade? Genuinely interested.

Rolled it. Hes a good defender.

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C’mon, that’s not true at all. Was poor tonight, but has carved out a niche on the medium forwards this year, and done damn well.

He’s too old to trade, we wouldn’t get value for him.


He just moves the ball so slowly these days. Doesn’t seem to trust himself to take to the quick short pass on the angle. So often he stagnates our transition.


His issues are becoming more of a problem imo.His kicking isn’t getting any better, and he keeps on letting the ball go out the back.

It’s whether we would get proper value for him that’s the big question

We need a rebuild and so do I.

100%. So predictable, wait for 20 secs gets called to move on,
Kick down the farkin line to a contest
Rinse and repeat


His kicking has gone very downhill. You look at him now and wonder how the fark we tried turning this guy into a running half back distributor.

But defensively, he’s been better this year than he has for a long time.

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Fair point. Can’t really argue with any of that. When he is good defensively he is really good, when he is bad he is really bad imo

I don’t remember his kicking being so bad before we turned him into an attacking rebound defender.


He’s such a confidence player. When he’s flying he’s unbeatable but drops his head as soon as he looses a contest.

Should never be allowed to kick out of defence again… ever.

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2015 Hurley, with the top knot, far more beef on him, and just monstering every forward he played on.

Actually gives me a slight tingle in my pants just thinking about it.

This isn’t that Hurley. It wouldn’t hurt giving Zerk a few games this year, and just see how he goes. He might kill it, and then the topic of trading hurley would become even more interesting.

Hurley would be the top 2 or 3 paid player in the team, with two years left on the contract?

If he is deemed worth that money, we’d keep him. If not, we’d struggle to move him.

The time to move Hurley and Hooker was straight after the saga. We’d have got premium for them at that point (and rightly so, they were both top 3 defenders in the game at the time.)

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He’s cooked mentally

The saga plus ten years of etc mids and hfs letting their opponents run forward and overwhelm the backline is too much for any man

I just can’t fathom the selfishness of players on this team that they let their mates in the backline get trounced over and over again

■■■■■■■ pathetic

We don’t have any 1st round picks this year and Hurls is worth a first round pick.

Mind you, we’ll probably ■■■■ up whoever we draft anyway

Any team even thinking of giving up a first round pick for Hurley would be insane.


Hurley is playing much better than the last two years and he was somehow AA in 2017 - He’s had three or four games when his opponent has barely got a sniff of the ball.

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Why can’t he fkn spoil the ball properly? It can’t be that hard.

Even when he times his leap to perfection he can’t just extend his fist and punch the ball out of the dangerous area. He swipes at it and barely grazes it so the ball barely goes anywhere.

Is it too painful for his wrists to simply punch it?


His kicking has been a bit hit and miss, but this bloke isn’t playing in a vacuum! You can’t attempt the 45 if everyone is flat-footed. You can’t immediately go on the switch if no one has bothered to gut run to the fat side. Or if the opposition set up to counter what they know we want to do so everyone just gives up coz it’s too hard. And you don’t have many options if you’re on the end of three backwards handballs and you need to clear on the non preferred. Or there’s a lack of trust that sees too many too close rather than running to position.

This thing where we focus on one or two players for systemic problems all over the field is so very Blitz. And so very wrong.

Mick is a fine player who desperately wants to win. I’m not sure that desperation, that real uncompromising drive, stretches through the entire organisation. We need more of him, not clearing him out.


We missed our chance to trade this bloke.

Another player who would much rather be off on a bike ride or playing golf than putting in on a weekend for EFC.

Hurley is part of the reason the culture is so cooked. 2015 Hurley - Beast and a leader.

These days he is a weak (physically) and predictable defender who gets ragged dolled by the likes of Gary Rohan and whose specialties are the fresh air spoil that collects nothing and the player that watches the ball fly over his head running back into the goal square because he is out of position and too slow to react.

It’s sad but we aren’t going anywhere with Hurls in the team.