#18 Hurley - Too much beast for one thread


Was I watching a different game?
The marks Riewoldt took were from some great kicks, I thought Hurley kept the current Coleman leader to 2 goals from 5 marks… I’m guessing we would take that everytime.
This place after a loss is a little nuts!


Wasn’t spectacular last night but restricted a good player to two goals despite a barrage of ball coming in. Good defenders game. The moaning needs to be directed at our mids for not running both ways


Can you name me three (completely arbitrary number) other games where Hurley played anywhere near his ‘form’ of last year?


It’s true. Hurls has definitely been showing signs of decline. The Franklin game stands out as being one of a few genuinely good games that he has played all year.

His raw stats will look great in plenty of games but being used as a distributor out of defence shouldn’t be his key role. It doesn’t serve the team best nor does it maximize what Hurley’s best traits as a defender WERE… and I hope that those traits are still there. I refer to his ability to go to the oppositions best forward and on most occassions: outbody his opponent, read the ball in flight superbly, outmark his opponent, remain calm and composed with ball in hand and deliver the footy well.

I suspect his persistent wrist injuries have played a big part in him losing a bit of confidence and therefore sure handedness - both in his marking and general play.




Hurley is why we press for finals.

All the decent sides are decent because of the calibre of their CHB.

Deadset you lot are useless. Hurls plays arguably the toughest role on the footy field with aplomb.

Yet cops it in the neck when not best on ground from keyboard warriors who wouldn’t know their ■■■■ from their elbow.


I’d be using him as trade bait at this stage.

The amount of unforced errors and poor defensive efforts are far too prevalent in his game right now.

He played one great game against an injured Buddy Franklin this year and that is it.


Glad you aren’t our list manager.

He held the Coleman medal leader, who kicked 10 last week to 2 goals from 58 inside 50’s.

How do you reckon Francis goes last night if Hurley isn’t there and Hooker is up forward?

Easily in our best last night.


Hmmmm…I thought he was poor in the first quarter and a bit but did very well after that.



Reiwoldt has been dominating for weeks. The only ball Hurley let him have last night was outside the 50. He and Francis were the only reasons we were still in the game after Q2


I too have fallen out of love for Hurley.

He gets beaten by his opponent too easily and too often. (Yeah, yeah he beat an obviously hampered Franklin a few weeks ago).

Yes, he gets a good number of disposals but that’s on the back of him being the the ‘switch’ man. And he isn’t a good switch man. His disposal by foot is absolutely deplorable these days (he used to be a lovely kick). He consistently misses kicks by 10m putting our player under pressure and stopping any chance of launching an attack. I hold my breath every time he has ball in hand.

People often talk about Barometer players. Hurley is ours. If he get lots of possessions playing that switch man then it usually means the team is playing poorly and we can’t get the ball out of our defence, not that he is dominating.


An obviously hampered Franklin who kicked 6.4 the next week and was best on the ground against the Pies. I think you’ve worded that to suit your point. Hurley was awesome that night.

Last night he beat Jack. He has lost some one on ones and his footing a few times but we are miles better off with him in the team.


He did not beat Riewoldt last night.


It came in 58 times and he was playing on a guy coming off 10 and leading the Coleman. He kept him to 2 and I reckon he beat him and we’d take that result prior to the first bounce.


I consider Hooker the most important player on the list. A lot of blitzers love to overrate our players, and he is still underrated by many blitzers.


The hurley hate astounds me. He is clearly one of the best defenders in the comp. Some people just have nfi I guess


Exactly. He was hampered by being shat on by Hurley.

Shanked a kick or 2 last night, but for the amount of entries they had and for the amount of entries directed at Reiwoldt, I thought Hurls did pretty well.


The much-maligned 2008 draft class.


Mods - Please rename thread “The Hurley Unappreciation Thread”

Just amazing comments. Becoming very Goddard like.


Take away the 10 last week and Riewoldt kicked his avg amount for the year. Missed easy ones as well. Hurley is no better than majority of the key backman in the competition and less than a handful good games backs that up.