#18 Hurley - Too much beast for one thread

His specialties are looking at his hands and shaking his head when he gets beaten by an opponent, and ignoring every player that makes space on their opponent in favour of a kick down the line to an outnumbered contest. Infuriating and destroys any run we might have when he gets it in his hands.


The kick to McG in the centre was classic. Out on his own no pressure, McG out on his own no pressure, butchers the kick and forces MxG back 20 meters. But it was a mark so that’s a tick for efficiency.

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Honestly thought Hurley used to be a good kick. I’m beginning to think it’s just a false memory.

Need to change the thread title. There is no beast left.

Add to that his 100% effective contest spoiling


But, but, but he was BOG according to some footy pundits on Blitz!

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The same ones who use the afl website also putting him in the bests as proof?

100% disposal efficiency apparently. I assume as long as the opposition don’t mark it, then it doesn’t count as a clanger and affect your disposal efficiency.


If that is so, he should not to be playing. Bye.

So…you’re after a 4th rounder, then?

If the right deal came up would you trade Hurley deckham?

This sort of question is just stupid and totally disingenuous/manipulative. Because “right deal” is meaningless.


Just a question

Ok, I will phrase it different. If we were offered a first rounder say pick 15. Would you take it?

I thought it was fine. “Right deal” is subjective.

As Sal said.
A team exists primarily to win games - not solely, but primarily. So you’d do what best served that goal. You’ve heard it all before - about ‘windows’ and such. You would need to consider what you would get for pick 15, and how that would fit in with the best possible scenario. And then hope you were correct.

Ok…so is that a yes or a no to pick 15(I am curious as to your opinion)

Mate - you want a black & white answer to a question that has a plethora of variables. It’s a lot easier to talk in those terms - simplified like that. But any answer of that ilk really is just a guess. What’s the point? There would be no value in my answer.

It’s just a discussion. There is no right or wrong answer. Just curious as to your opinion

Would not trade - The backline is the least of the problems in the team line up.