#18 Hurley - Too much beast for one thread

Has to have the slowest hand to foot drop I have ever seen


My God he’s been bad!

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Completely incapable of playing accountable defence.


“Experts” who claim he is in AA form are fkn morons


What do you expect when we keep turning the ball over and the eagles players have an acre of space to work in?

Mids need to lift so the back lines not getting smashed so much!


He has been bad, but being beaten by Kennedy with the amount of repeat I50’s by them is inevitable. Hooker should move to Kennedy though and move Hurls further up the ground, it might relax him and free him up.

I’m glad people are finally seeing him for what he is.

He needs to go.

Would cost any team a final by playing exactly like this.

Take your point, but… He’s not just being beaten, he’s being completely destroyed.

It’s embarrassing how bad he is when he has to be accountable.

Put hooker on him, something. Anything.

Even Brown.

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They did and so the Eagles just went through his new man. Do they move him forward?

Can it hurt?

This is worse than I could’ve even imagined. Can we blame this on the short turnaround? How are we so so putrid?

BT “and oraziooooo Fantasia has had one possession”

Lord almighty can basil just dig a hole and self immolate in the hole please?

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Zaka runs down Ryan no free

Aaaaand wrong thread


Really, Hurls?


The eagles look to have been targeting whoever Hurley was playing on.

Someone needs to tell him to worry about his man first, or maybe, more likely the coaches need to stop overestimating his current ability .

Too much spud for one potato

May as well give the opposition a gentle cuddle

Looks good, like a lot of defenders, when the ball is poorly directed and kicked down his throat.
Has serious problems killing a high ball.
Yet another brain fade this week due to being too passive at the contest / lacking concentration.
Has zero confidence when he has the ball, rarely looks for an aggressive play, resulting in a stagnant 50-50 ball when our game plan requires quick movement.
Great warrior but is now treading water, like the team.

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Trying to turn him into an attacking defender has destroyed his kicking and really hurt his ability to defend well in one on ones on a consistent basis

His role should be taken by Francis.

A young player who plays the same position and has far more upside.

Michael is just collecting a pay check at this point. Plays as if he is a million miles away.

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