#18 Hurley - Too much beast for one thread


No, it’s definitely Blitz.

This thread swings from that he is an All-Australian lock this season, to he should hand in his resignation tomorrow because he is not up to it.


The problem is I don’t think last night was a one off but rather the blueprint of how to play him.

Not every team has a forwards as good as Kennedy and Darling, but it’s pretty obvious now he’s a weak link defensively and oppositions will look to target entries through his opponent.

If more teams target Hurls it could get messy and I don’t know where we are at with him.


It’s not ridiculous.
It’s being ruthless.


Lol, our defense has been praised in recent weeks for being one of the best in the AFL. We lose to a top 4 side in Perth and now you want to trade out the key players? Over reaction.


What Hurls lacked last night was support. Redman had his hands full, Hooker had his hands full, Ambrose had his hands full, Saad and McKenna were tagged to nothing. We needed a Francis/Ridley/Gellson type who can go up and provide support in the air or in front of the leading player. We played Zaka in that role and that really was rather stupid against a quality forward side like the Eagles. Not that Zaka was bad, his game was fine, but we played a wingman in the back six as support. Stupid coaching decision there.

If Zaka is not playing well on the wing at his age, you drop him, you don’t play him in the back six against a top side for some sort of learnings opportunity. And then you bring in a support backman like the 3 I named that know how to do that role and do it well quite often.


Actually I saw Hooker go up in the majority of the few times the ball was kicked long to a contest, with variable effect.

Plain and simple their forward line created space for each other, their mids lowered their eyes and Hurls wasn’t tight enough on those kicks. He had a shocker but it’s not rocket science, unless his wrists prevent him from being within 1m of his opponent that can/should have been drilled into him after the first instance in the event he doesn’t adjust himself.

Though swapping Zaka with Rids on the wing and having him swing back sounds enticing. I can’t imagine opposition coaches let that play out for long though.


Nothing to do with it.
It’s about…ah,don’t worry cbf.


Maybe we can trial hurls as a third man type, give him a bit more freedom, not ready to throw the toys out the cot yet with the bloke he’s been a great servant for the club and still can provide value. Start to give Franga, zerk some experience on the the genuine key forwards.


We got beat by a class outfit.
We’re not there, yet. A ways to go.


Has he got a good arm though? And he might let a few through in the deep judging by his efforts in the last few weeks.


Yes that’s correct but Essendon have shown repeatedly, they are a long way from being ruthless.


Ruthless AND realistic.


We unfortunately missed our opportunity to trade this bloke.

Another bloke who I am putting a line through if we had to play a final.


He’s been alright tonight, strange time to sink the boot in.


Thought he was pretty good tonight


Bit harsh.


Agreed. Definitely better when he plays a more defensive role imo


He was okay last night.

Needs to play on oppositions best forward now that Ambrose is gone.

I like when Hurley is given this task




He had the task on the best forward last week.

I’m guessing you were bagging him last week.

He’s one of the top 3 intercept players in the league and we wan’t him as a lockdown defender? Makes no sense.