#18 Hurley - Too much beast for one thread

Yeah but we have no option now.

I’m not a huge Hurely fan. I think he’s overrated as he rarely gets the best forward and his kicking is poor

I can see you aren’t a huge fan but that doesn’t mean he’s any good.

He’s a whipping boy on here for some unknown reason but he’s one of the best defenders in the comp. That’s not even open for debate.


Unheralded game. Was massive. His intercept marking and the goals resulting from his marks/defensive chains won us the game, IMO.


Agreed. Could be in AA contention again this year. Been very, very good aside from a couple of ordinary games.


Has been better the last two weeks - gave him a vote today.

Letting Blakey take that mark after zoning off in Q1 really annoyed me though.

That post hasn’t aged well.


I still don’t see the fascination with Hurley or the rose coloured glasses most of you see him through.

He was my favourite player back in 2015 and now he is a shadow of who he was. Figuratively and literally.


Hurls always gives you 100%

He may lose a contest but he hits the body and does everything he can to get to the contest.

Hurls was good yesterday and has been part of a very effective backline playing a brand like the top backlines the AFL are playing.


Named in the best players again for about the 10th time this year.



It’s what happens when the league is obsessed with stats and getting possessions.

The bloke who just won the Brownlow won it due to getting the ball more than anyone else and totally ignored the fact that he does absolutely nothing with it once he got his hands on it.

Hurley’s game is about cheap possessions first and well down the list of priorities is picking up his man or actually defending.

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We must watch different games then.


He’s having an amazing year considering he is, and I quote, literally a shadow.



He’s had 2-3 bad weeks and been good to very good for all the rest.

Some people in here are ■■■■■■ hard to please. Trade him???
Plays often, therefore resilient. Roughly 160/180 possible games.
Attacks the ball, therefore backs his judgement.
Capital P professional. Never any issues with attitude or effort.
Skills are above average, but not elite. Great mark. Reads the play well.
Yeah he makes mistakes and in defence that’s often an opposition goal.
Would I want one Hurley in the club every draft or even every second draft?? Ken oath I would!!!


Outstanding form over the last 2 weeks, and rock solid for most of the season. Integral part of our defence.


GOOD NEWS: Hooker must be fine, no mention of him on Skins Injury Update

BAD NEWS: Hurley has sore hip so is a test for Saturday

Absolute gun. The unjustified critisizim he cops astounds me.


Blitz excels in criticism.

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Unlikely to play this week

Inside word or based on Skins Injury Update?