#18 Hurley - Too much beast for one thread

Based on AFL website which is never wrong.

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Whenever he takes a back in D50 he looks backwards straight away.

Our switch was so predictable on Saturday, Sydney planned for it.

Should only switch when it’s on otherwise we just lose territory and end up bombing it down the line anyway

You switch to break up congestion and split defence. Some times you don’t know if it’s “on” until you’re half way through it.

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When you’re at the game and can see the whole ground it’s very obvious (if it’s on or not)

The person who receives the first kick across has the view of the whole ground and should not call for it if it is not on

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You’re missing the point. Kicking the ball from one side of the ground to the other forces the opposition to run across the ground and breaks their zone wide open. It’s not about getting the ball to the other side and going up the wing. It’s to split their defence and then find a target, preferably back into the corridor but most of the time anybody that has zoned off will do.


He was on SEN this morning, said he had hip operated on a few years ago and he went for scans just to check up. He said his hip gets a bit ‘grumbly’ at this time in a season but nothing serious. He expects to play.


Haha, grumbly.

Sounds like his hip gets it’s mood from Blitz at this time of the year.

Thanks @hoffy.

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A very medical diagnosis.


at least it’s not “backy”

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Whatever happened to Peeto87 or Dell as he became known as?

Bingo. Ideally the start of the switch opens up a hole in the moving zone that allows a corridor kick, but you won’t see what defenders don’t move properly to defend the right spaces until you try. And if the hole doesn’t open up inside because our wide runners don’t get followed the the wide full switch happens. If we don’t get guys wide enough and no holes open up inside, and our big marking targets are on the original side, the safe play is back to the original flank and go long down the line - least worst.

Switching isn’t often because there are holes, it makes holes. I’m probably just repeating lance…

Hurley making those efforts to be a link in that chain isn’t cheap stats, it’s the game plan, even when it ends up the least- worst kick down the line.

He’s not perfect but I reckon he’s pretty damn good at doing what his job description asks him to do.


Decided they wanted to nuke their history during FederalElectionCandidateHistoryGate. Dunno if that was the reason though!

no ■■■■, peeto for PM. who woulda thunk it.

I can’t remember seeing any player run up the stands to get that view during play.


Hurls the workhorse!

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Brown would have just about topped that list if they went for average time on ground per game, instead of just looking at the blokes who have played 15 games. Plays well over 90% almost every week, including 100% last week

Putrid half of footy from a “senior” player.

Very shaky

play hooker on sideshow bob. This guy cant defend FULL STOP