#18 Hurley - Too much beast for one thread


Wasn’t injured the week before nor the week after.

Again you are running around slagging off players after a loss.


The main thing in decline appears to be the braincell function of blitzers.


Hey hey, let’s not romanticise the past.


Which coaches broke him, that’s what I’m interested to know.


He is a victim of expectations set way too high

Injuries throughout his career have seriously effected his physical attributes; back, wrists and ankle injuries have robbed him of continuity and seriously impeded his physical development. The saga also appears to have taken its toll on him.

He should be played as a close checking shutdown player, who can keep his opponent honest by collecting 17-23 possessions.

He doesn’t have the ability to cover the ground as well as defenders like Rance and so he shouldn’t be used in a zone heavy role.

He is not as good a kick as he used to be nor does he appear to have that same aggression and attack on the ball - both of these may return with time and increased confidence.

I think this year, injuries to Gleeson and Ambrose have forced him to juggle aspects of their roles too


what? an all australian proven match winner had expectations too high?


Riewoldt has kicked more than any other player in the comp. The ball came in 58 times and Hurley had Dea and Francis for support. Riewoldt kicked two. Hurley, in my view has well and truly done his job.

He’s also had more rebound 50’s and more intercepts than anyone in our club for the year. So I am happy we have him.


C’mon Joe, give us some more insight. What do you think of Hurley? You know your footy.


Hurley, Hooker, Francis combo next year is going to be an unreal sight


Wow, this thread is full of bollocks!


Don’t forget Gleeks


My only problem with Hurley is what we’ve turned him in to.

One of the best natural contested beasts of the last 20 years and we tried to turn him in to a zone-off, dinky distributor. His one on one abilities have diminished as a result, as you would expect.

Surely there’s still room for a good old fashioned Backman who just kills his opponent?


He has gone back to being more accountable in the past couple of months. A pretty big switch mid season and has done well considering It’ll be interesting to see how he goes long term with it as he always looks sore and there has been injuries alluded to.


Same injured Buddy who kicked 6 the following week?


We’ve had to use him as we’ve been forced to this year.

Get a few back down there, then we can play him the way he should.


Really want to see him put some size back on, and get back to the competitive animal he used to be


It’ll be difficult with his injuries, back and wrist injuries are horrible


I heard a couple of seasons back that his wrists were seriously bad. It was from a person and within a conversation that gave me 100% certainty that it was true. I think of this a lot when I’m watching him and whilst I always hoped it would improve I think it still troubles him and maybe to the point where he lost some confidence or had to change the way he plays.

That said he’s still good enough to have games like he did on Buddy and give support to guys like Francis and hopefully Rid and Red.


Played much of the second half against Port with a hamstring injury? Outstanding, Mick.


Add in Irish and Saady and it’s awsome!