#18 Hurley - Too much beast for one thread


The year ban has ■■■■■■ him best backman in the comp at that point.


Or maybe his injuries have prevented him from putting the gym work required to be the best in the league?


Rance looks like he had a very good pre season as well.

I want Hurls getting back to the one on one defender he was as an All Australian


No one can honestly say they have ANY confidence in this guy heading into round 1.

Dead set liability.


Ball has been down there most of the night.


Jeremy Cameron is licking his lips


What exactly is his role now?


Looks confused most of the time


I don’t think I’ve seen a player look like they are utterly sick of footy as much as Hurley does on the field. Whenever I see him he just looks likes he’s fkg over it. Poor body language, poor efforts, doesn’t think. I reckon mentally he is fried.


How many years left on his contract?


calls for the ball from mckenna and casually trots after it as it goes through for deliberate rush behind


Same as it has been since 2017.

The: “Get as many cheapies out the back as you can then kick as far as you can past all of your own players down field when you do get the ball and then play zero defence whatsoever the other way.” Role.

Haven’t seen: Run like a maniac at the ball whilst it is in flight, then totally miss it despite it being impossible to and lead to an easy goal for the opposition”.

I’m sure we are in with a very good chance to see this though before the night is done.


He ain’t no beast.


looks like the WTF moments will continue this season


having an absolute mare


Fark. Worried because I love the bloke so much.


Why are people shocked?

He has been playing the exact same way for 18 months.


Retire Mick. You’re cooked. You’ve been a great servant of the club. It’s been a decade since your left foot 55 metre bomb goals against the Hawks. 2 time AA winner. Good player. Games gone past you



Sad to see him still being indecisive, outmarked and giving away copious amounts of frees …