#18 Hurley - Too much beast for one thread


Give him 5 years x $1 million if he head butts an umpire. Rorted by umpires.


It was an incorrect call. McKenna tried to hit Hurley. If Hurley doesn’t posses the ball it can’t be deliberate.


He got rag-dolled in the goal square by Gary Rohan worse than Gleeson ever did.


But yet he did a decent job on Hawkins - Far better than Ambrose or Hartley, though not at the same level as Hooker.


He played like someone who knew he had the collective backline experience of Ambrose, Francis and Bellchambers to rely on.


I reckon we should throw him forward. We have enough back man looking for the cheap kick and forward line is completely dysfunctional.


Had a chance to steamroll Menagola in a marking contest and send a message to every player in the AFL who wants to stand under a high ball in his defensive 50. But didn’t


He did that a few times last night, he would go to do something then stop and backpedal and get caught in no mans land and it would hurt the side. It seemed he was trying to play a certain role and not do what he naturally wanted to do.


He looks cooked. You back him in but geez…Rohan just rag dolling him out the way summed him up this pre season


He does that, lands awkwardly and injures himself, everyone in here would be up in arms about how stupid it is to do that in a scratch match and how screwed we are with no Hurley or Hooker.

No point risking it in a game that means nothing.


Um… Ok.


Not sure if its self preservation mode during pre-season which is the right way but again, I’ll hold off on the retirement calls until I see him play the real thing.



Who are you talking about?


And about 2 mins later, the EXACT SAME FARKIN THING HAPPENED up the ground for a free kick to Geelong. Fark umpires. I farkin hate them.


You weigh about twice me man, and if you were in front of me and I grabbed you around the waist and pivoted, you’d spin around. That’s why it a farkin foul. You can’t do anything about it. You can’t hold your balance when someone manhandles you from behind at your pivot point. It’s not embarrassing for Hurley - it farkin embarrassing for umpires.


We are also not AFL footballers. Rohan simply had more strength than him, it wasn’t a free, It happens plenty of times throughout games. Hurley was out positioned and out bodied. It was ordinary and if it were a free, they would pay 50 of them a game. I have no idea how anyone could consider that a free kick


Bring back Sheedy for 1 year


I didn’t think it was a free either and it wasn’t like the Gleeson one. Hurley was backing back and Rohan got a hand under his arm pit and shoved him. Hurley simply has to do better in that scenario.

Hurley just needs to make the ball his priority, he looks a completely different player when he does.


for mine it should of been a free to Hurley. Hurley still looks too light imo, needed to put on more size over the summer.


Watch what happens two minutes later on our left wing.