18 Jul 17 - Clash for Cancer Media Opportunity Photos

Ahead of the Clash for Cancer game against the Roos this weekend the Bombers took time out of training to meet up with some of the kids from the children’s cancer charity, Challenge.

The boys show off the jumpers for the Clash for Cancer game.

Then pose for some photos with some fans from children’s cancer charity, Challenge

Zach teaches a youngun how to take it at the highest point.

Zach and Dois with some of the kids from the Challenge

All the lads and the fans from Challenge

Tom Gleisner and Rama pose for a photo in front of the lads and the Challenge kids.

Jobe and a couple of the fans from Challenge

Jobe, Rama and Tom Gleisner address the media

As freshly shaved as one will ever see the hirsute Jobe

(extra shots for Koala)

Diesel brings his own footies to training

Giving some tips to Big Jim

Big Jim responds with a quick nipple twist

Big Jim attempts the mark in front of Ambo, whose mere presence and force of will causes the ball to come loose (will be good to see him back on the field for the VFL)

Ambo gets to the front of Big Jim

Pops attempts to get past The Langford

Shapes to the left

Back on to the right

Razzle practices his ground ball pick ups

Then attempts to get past Jacko, who finds it all very funny

Marty gets the sit on Harts

But then Ambo decides to join the party

Big Boi gets the spoil on Ambo

Razzle with some of the safest hands in the game

Pops drills the ball

500 game veteran McGrath looking as fresh as a first year player

And finally I would just like to add “■■■■ you”, Cancer.


Beanies and jackets…where the hell were they training - Antarctica?


I was at the Open Training Session on the 13th of July - Travelling from Doncaster where there was a touch of wind to the Airport was like being in another universe - The wind was 10 times stronger - It was no surprise most players spent less than 30 minutes.