#18 Lewis Hayes

If they were only 3rd talls defenders maybe, but Cox is a unicorn who might play anywhere, Baldwin is a long shot to make it who was recruited as a KPF, and who might still end up forward, and Laverde was recruited for other roles as well (and is 9 years older than Hayes who doesn’t turn 20 until December)

And if Hayes doesn’t make it he gets delisted and we need to find another KPD backup.

I really don’t get your list management issue here.

We want to play 2 KPDs, and a 3rd tall defender, with a split of intercepting and lockdown skills (ideally all could do both).

To cover that we have 1 extra KPD, + 3 extra 3rd KPDs some of which can play as 2nd KPDs or as 3rd forwards.

It’s fine


Saw Ty play for Edi-Asp on Good Friday, can confirm still a spud.


Lol’d at this news.

I told you my issue. I always thought Cox would end up as a tall defender, so we spent 3 high picks on defensive talls across 2 drafts, which is a waste. Plus those guys aren’t just third defenders, most could play as second defenders, like laverde is doing now. Why wasn’t Hayes brought in when Reid went down by your theory?

7 tall defenders is too much, especially when over spending high picks on them. I always prefer going tall forwards, more versatility and usually more talented, it’s why they play forward and not back at junior level. Its so much easier to go back. It’s like when dodoro got into his half back obsession, why not go mids instead, they can go to half back or half forward if they don’t make it, half backs just end up delisted. If you cant make it in the easiest part of the field, you’re definitely not going to make it in a harder position.

In a perfect world where you have exactly 2 x the needed slots (i.e. 6) then maybe. In the real world having one extra, especially when one is on his last legs, another 1-2 could potentially play 4th defender and another 1-2 can play in other positions seems fine.


Both Cox and Reid played KPF in their draft years as well. They were as talented and versatile as anyone that you might have considered taking.

The “forwards are more talented” is also a bit of old football “wisdom” that is outdated. The way in which KPDs are now asked to intercept, and to control the field and start forward drives, and the way in which AFL teams get by with Billy Frampton at KPF while Darcy Moore plays CHB, has changed the equation for the best kids. Junior teams know that a young tall racking up 20 intercept marks is as good a chance of getting drafted as someone who kicks 5 goals, and they don’t just default to “you’re our best player, you play CHF” any more.


Moore and Howe are from the premier team in the comp and lead the premier defence. Two forwards that moved back and became stars, they are the perfect example. If they failed as defenders they would have been delisted. I just don’t like spending high picks (bar the odd occasion) on defenders. Especially multiple high picks close together.


If Lav doesn’t find some form, and Hayes builds on this performance, Hayes could find a spot in the AFL team before too long.

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He can’t be worse than Lav. Let him a crack

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Hayes would be picked if we are looking for a lock down defender but
Scott will back McKay, Laverde, Redman, Heppell and Cox to do the job, 4 of those play a zone off defensive style were they occupy space in a square like zone diameter of 30m and within 10 meters of another contest/teammate. That’s why teams get out the back on us and lots of teams lead up to the ball without our people anywhere near the opponent.
when we turn ball over, the zone is easily picked apart,

Hayes is normally very good defender at closing space and being on tail of his opponent, Scott doesn’t want this for his team defence style.

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I agree with you regarding list balance. I would be ok with it if with Hayes was a later pick, but he was pick 25.

If I was Hayes manager I would have been straight on the phone the moment we picked up McKay.

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Would a teenager without any senior experience excite much interest from rival clubs, if he is the one instigating contact? I doubt it.


I remember BZT took time to develop in the 2s and made it through.

He has some good traits. Unfortunately he has to deal with aweful team and structures which gives zero help to him as a key defender.

Just keeps on improving. I’d be selecting him over Laverde at the moment, be nice to start getting games into him whilst others are out injured.
Tall boy… We could end up with 3 199cm+ key defenders in the team.


Wishful thinking. Best we can do is, keep Laverde.

Get him in.

He’s our Blakey.

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Strange comparison I see more of a Steven May type

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10 marks today, give the kid a game for fcks sake brad.


He’s tracking nicely. Very happy with his progress.

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